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Starting, February 7, any user in NetDMR with an Edit role will begin to receive Overdue DMR email notices from NetDMR@epa.gov. These notices will be sent when a DMR is 7, 14 and 21 days overdue. This update is an enhancement of this service to expand the list of recipients beyond just Signatories and Regulatory Administrators. The subject line of the email will read: NOTICE of NON-RECEIPT for Report Required by Your Permit. If you have any questions about why you are receiving this email, please contact your Regulatory or Permitting Authority.
To all NetDMR permittee users:

New NetDMR Enhancement - No Data Indicator (NODI) Code Soft Error Message On the Edit DMR screen, a soft error will now be displayed in NetDMR if one of the NODI codes shown below is entered on a facilities DMR. The facility will need to acknowledge the error message before signing and submitting the DMR. Please note, the use of one of the NODI codes below will generate a Non-Receipt violation in EPA’s Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) database.

Use of the following NODI Codes will generate a soft error message:

 1 – Wrong Flow  8 – Other  D - Lost Sample/Data Not Available
 E - Analysis Not Conducted/No Sample  G - Sampling Equipment Failure  H - Invalid Test
 M - Laboratory Error

Soft error: EPA’s NPDES national data system recognizes the selected No Data Indicator (NODI) code as a reporting violation. NPDES permittees are responsible for ensuring full compliance with their permits, the Clean Water Act, and state law.