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What happens if a password is set to expire during May 12-19th? Or has expired since the last time they logged in?

If the password expires during that time, the user will still be able to log in with their expired password once they receive the CRK email after May 19. If the password is forgotten, the user will have the opportunity to click on ‘forgot password’, enter one of their security questions, get verification code via email, and continue with the migration process. If they can’t remember their security question, they will not be able to migrate their account.

Users who will not be able to migrate must:

  • ‘Create a New Account’ using the same account information in NetDMR
  • If user is a Permittee (Signatory), he has to go through Identify Proofing  and a new Electronic Signature Agreement  (ESA) created in CDX.
  • Call Regulatory Authority to Unlock the account
  • User new account will be linked to the old NetDMR user account
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