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How to Create a New CDX Account

Below are the steps for creating a new CDX account for accessing NetDMR. A PDF document is also attached for your convenience.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create a New Account
  3. Select State Agency or EPA Region Office (to whom you submit your DMRs)
  4. Select User Type. Click Next
    • Permittee (signature) users will be required to authenticate (either LexisNexis or Paper) later in the process
  5. Enter Personal Information. Click Next
    • Ensure that your First Name and Last Name are your legal names (e.g. Robert instead of Bob)
  6. Create a User ID and Password
    • Password must be unique; be at least 8 characters; contain a number; contain at least one capital letter
  7. Select and Answer 3 security questions.
    • These security questions are used to help manage your CDX user account
  8. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Next

(Permittee (no signature) & Data Providers skip to Step 10)

  1. For Permittee (Signature) users only– Select and answer 5 additional signature questions. Click Next
    • These signature questions will be used when signing/submitting DMRs
  2. Enter your Organization Information. Click Next
    • If your organization can not be found, you may request it be added
  3. Enter Contact Information
    • An email with a verification code will be sent to the email you enter. Upon receipt of the email, copy the included verification code and paste it into the verification code field. A green check mark will appear letting you know you entered a valid code.
    • Click Register

At this stage, Permittee (no signature), Data Providers, and Internal Users are finished creating their CDX account. Permittee (signature) will need to continue to authenticate

  1. For Permittee (Signature) users only– You will need to be authenticated via an Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA). You will be given the choice to authenticate electronically (online) or by paper.
    1. If you choose paper, a Signature Agreement will appear. Print it, sign it, and mail it to the address on the Signature Agreement. This could take up to several days or weeks to process.
    2. If you choose to authenticate electronically (recommended procedure), fill in the required fields (those marked with asterisk (*)) with your primary information. This is typically your personal information
      1. The data within this screen is not collected or stored. It is used for authentication purposes only, then it is discarded. The data cannot be retrieved.
      2. If you failed electronic authentication, you will be required to submit a paper Signature Agreement.
    3. Complete electronic signature of the ESA by providing your CDX Password, the answer to a randomly selected signature question, then click the SIGN button

At this stage, the Permittee (signature) has completed their account creation.

Additionally, Permittee (signature) users will need to access NetDMR and apply for the Signatory Role for their respective NPDES IDs to be approved to sign and submit DMR forms.



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