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Questions From May 2 - May 4, 2017 NetDMR to CDX Webinars

Date Question Response
5/2/17 Can signatory authority users delete end user account for individual no longer working for the com[pany? Your Regulatory Authority  (Internal Admin) should be able to 'lock' the account, we are not migrating any locked account by admins. Contact your regulatory authority to lock these accounts:
If I am a duly authorized rep to sign for my plant manager (ESA on file).   He has a EPA CDX account to do other electronic signatures, but does not routinely do this for NetDMR.    Does he have to do any transitioning?   Or just me if I have the signatory role? If your plant manager (i.e. Responsible Official)  has an EPA CDX account and not NetDMR account, then he doesn't have to worry about anything. But if he does have a NetDMR account, then he also needs to migrate. We are migrating existing NetDMR accounts, in this case, only you will be migrated.  
for existing netdmr accounts where the user ID is not an email address, does that need to be changed to an email address? No. The NetDMR username needs to be unique (i.e. if it already exist in CDX then you should've received an email from with instructions to resolve the discrepancy). The NetDMR username also needs to meet CDX requirement:  · 1. At least 8 Characters 2. Not all numeric characters 3. Only acceptable special characters are period, hyphen, underscore, and the (at) symbol & 4. Spaces are not allowed
when we do netDMR is that going for just EPA or does that get sent to DEQ also for the State. DMR submission is business as usual and it's for EPA 
will netDMR test environment be moved to CDX? We are migrating all netDMR test users to CDX test. We are only migrating a subset of Internal users & Oregon. If you are from Oregon, please contact them for more info. 
Is this Webinar being recorded for later review? Yes, it will be recorded.
Are the other 5 webinars on this schedule the same or will there be additional information? Each of the webinars from May 2 through May 11 are repeats of each other.
Are we still going to upload NDPES in NetDMR regardless of the migration to CDX? Same as before.  No changes.
Can another signatory be added in CDX if they have signatory rights in another state? Yes. User need to add a new Program Service to his accout.
Can our new CDX password be the same as our old NetDMR password? CDX password requirements:Password

• The password may only contain letters and numbers.

• The password must contain at least one lowercase letter.

• The password must contain at least one uppercase letter.

• The password must contain at least one number.

• The password must begin with a letter.

• Password must be between 8 and 15 characters.

• Cannot contain the word “password”

• The password may not contain the User ID

• Cannot be one the previous 10 passwords for the account.
Can we edit a NetDMR username to be the same as an existing CDX login ID.  Can we still do this before May 12th?  The email for both NetDMR and CDX are the same. Yes. Changes to your NetDMR account can be made up to May 12th
What if you already have a NetDMR password and a CDX password? Does that matter? if you have both NetDMR and CDX account, during CRK process (i.e. clicking CRK email), you will be first asked to enter your netdmr password and then have to enter your CDX process
Do I have to submit April DMR before May 12 due to the move? NetDMR will be available for submitting DMRs until May 19, then will resume on May 22.
Do I migrate over before May 12th?  What was the e-mail I was to recieve around May 22nd? You migrate starting on May 22 with the receipt of a Customer Retrieval Key (CRK) email
Do I start the migration process after I reciece the e-mail around May 22nd? Yes
do we have to register for each role if we have multiple roles? If you have a view & edit roles, you will  one CRK and all roles will be migrated too.
Does it matter who goes through the CDX migration first - our signatory person or the person who simply enters data intoNetDMR? No. For CDX, Anyone can migrate at any time. Signatory is only first person when Request Access to NPDES ID in NetDMR.
Does the ESA that you mentioned come along with the CRK email? The CRK (Customer Retrieval Key) email will walk you through the process ... first you have to be authenticated, and then go through ESA process
Will we be penalized if we don't get the CRK email before the due date for the DMRs? Please notify us if you didn't receive the CRK email.
does the signatory role needs to be the first one to access CDX Not in CDX, but Signatory must still be first to request access to NPDES ID
How can we confirm what role we are (I believe I am Signatory), prior to completing the migration, so that we can confirm we have been migrated to the correct role?  you should be able to confirm your role in your Account Edit page
How can you grant permit administrator role after move? Same as before, do Request for Access for NPDES ID
How do we know if our account is finalized? You should have received an email from stating that you're all set to receive an email on May 22. If you needed to to resolve any discrepancies in your user profile, and you have done so, you should receive an email from them staying you're all set.  If you haven't, contact your regulatory authority:
Are the Out Of Wallet questions taken from information already provided by the user? Or is it information that the CDX is mining from other sources? No. The latter. 
I already have  an account with CDX for UCMRs. Will  that CDX log in work for the NetDMR transfer? The CRK email will allow you to move from your netdmr account to your CDX account with UCMRs.  You should've received an email from explaining if you have any discrepancies to match your NetDMR profile info to that CDX profile info
I am a Data Provider for over 200 permits. Will I be getting an email for each of the permits that I provide Data for? Or will I get one email to migrate apologies but you will get one for each,If you are a data provide in one instance, you will recieve only one email.  If you are doing the data entries for multiple instance, you will receive multiple emails.
OMG Do I have to open and click each of the emails with the links for each of my over 200 permits. No. You will receive one CRK email per Program Service, not permits . Assuming you have one instance/Program service and within that, you have 200 permits, you will have only 1 CRK email and complete that. 
What if you have several net DMR accounts and user names are different? does that matter? Yes. Please contact for assistance
I created a CDX account already with just my personal information.  Will the migration go into it or will a new CDX account be created. If you have created CDX account using the same Username as NetDMR, please contact to make sure your user discrepancies are resolved before the move
I currently use NetDMR.  Will I automatically get the email from CDX? Yes
If we have a NetDMR account with an approved signatory authority, will they need a signature agreement with CDX? You just need to Agree, you don't need to do anything else.
This transition period occurs 10 days prior to the date when the DMRS are due to be submitted. Is it possible that a signatory can make the transition and submit their DMR on the same day? I'm worried that there may be a time lag that could delay are submittal of the DMR. Yes it is possible.  We understand the worry - we are working to make sure users are not penalized for the delay. We will have more update later on this
Our DMR is due on the 28th.  Can we transition and submit the DMR on the same day or is there a time lag?  I want to make sure our DMR is not late. Yes. The 'move' if you remember password should take few minutes. 
Will permit administrators no longer have the ability to approve roles in NetDMR? No changes.  User experince is the same as befolre.
I have an existing NetDMR account...its now the same for CDX...correct? After you click on CRK email on May 22, and complete the process and the move, you will then log in to CDX using your NetDMR username and Password
I have a netDMR acoount and just longed in so am I all set? Sounds like your good to go. There are other factors to consider, but knowing your NetDMR password is a great start
I will be a new user as a data provider, so I will have to wait until Mayy 22nd to be able to create an account? This training webinar is for user that will be migrating.  As a new user, it is entirely up to you if you want to wait until May 22
So I can create an account before May 22nd? In NetDMR, you can create a new account till Thursday, May 11th; otherwise, wait and create a new account in CDX.
I work for two companies, can I select more than one organization? Select only 1 Organization.
If a permit user (no signature) registers the NetDMR and get the CRK email will the signature authority also get an email or does each user and signature have to register separately? Register seperately
If I want to add an approved signatory to my NetDMR account, would I have to do it before or after the move to CDX? Please submit your subscriber agreement soon and allow your regulatory authority to verify and approve your request.  If you don't this in NetDMR, you should do it in CDX.
How do I add a signatory to my netDMR account Contact your regulatory authority
if we are still using netdmr why do we need CDX? CDX is just for Access and Authentication
what password do you use to sign the DMR the DMR password or the CDX After May 22, CDX password.
If we currently use CDX for reporting will we have to go through the LexisNexis process again? No.  If you go through the LexisNexis process once in CDX, that will applied to all program services.  
If we have accounts in multiple states which password would we use? Because the passwords are all different, would it be subject to the facility or instance name? you will receive one CRK email per each states.  The email will indicate which state your account is migarted.
If we have accounts in multiple states which password would we use? Because the passwords are all different, would it be subject to the facility or instance name? multiple states will receive multiple CRKs.,Each CRK email is specific to per 'Program Service'.  For example, if the user has two accounts, one in Kentucky, and one in Colorado, the user will receive 2 CRK email. The email for Kentucky, use password for Kentucky.  User needs to make sure the username in Colorado and Kentucky are the same. OK to have different password (if it's confusing, please go ahead and change the password now in NetDMR)
If we have accounts in multiple states which password would we use? Because the passwords are all different, would it be subject to the facility or instance name? Each CRK email is specific to different program service (i.e states) will put your specific password for that
If we need to add a totally new user to NetDMR at some point, do they go through CDX to setup the account?  Yes. After May 22, all user account setups are done in CDX
If you are a consultant working for multiple contractors/clients, how will you receive all future DMRs you are the data provider for ? Just as you always have. NetDMR functionality is not changing
If you are a signatory will you still be able to add data and edit the DMR's? After the 'move', adding data and edit the DMRs will be business as usual - CDX move is just signing in part - you will still see the same screens for submitting DMRS in NetDMR as you currently see it
If you are a subcontractor to a municipality is it your orginization or the municipality?  Your Organization is your contracting company. The company that pays your salary and from whom you receive your W-2 tax form from
Can you submit a DMR prior to 5-22-17 without the CDX migration?  Yes. You have until May 19 to submit DMRs, then you may resume DMR submissions on May 22
If you are planning to register and set up a new account for NetDMR for the first time, is it better to set it up before the move, or after the move? if you can afford to wait.  It might be easier to wait.
If you have a CDX account, will you still need to migrate an account? Yes. Migration/move is basically taking your NetDMR account and move to either a new CDX account or move to an existing CDX account. 'Moving' includes moving your profile information as well as all the permit request and Subscriber Agreement you have already done in NetDMR. 'Moving' to CDX means you don't have to go through all that process again. 
If you opt out of "Out of Wallet" do you have to create a new NetDMR account or a new CDX account? Also can you use the same email address to create a new account? If you forget your password and security question, and opt out of out of wallet: Option 1: If you do not CDX account, you do have to create a new CDX account. Option 2. If you have a CDX account, you can log in and 'add' a program service in your CDX account OR create an account
Is a Data Provider (Signature) role allowed? No. Signature is only for Permittee
I am a Data Provider (contractor) in NetDMR right now with a signatory role. What will happen to my account in CDX since you cant have this role? Data Providers cannot be Signatory in NetDMR today. Please review your account.
IF your login and email are not same between NetDMR and CDX - which one should you update - NetDMR or CDX? it would be easier if your User name is an email address
email address is over 25 characters long Currently, it is defined as 50 characters long
In my facility I have a CDX account and I am the Permittee signature.  My data provider do not have a CDX account Does she have to open their own CDX account prior to migration? No, user does not need to create a new account in CDX.  His account will be migrated with data provider user type.
In my facility I have a CDX account and I am the Permittee signature. My data provider do not have a CDX account Does she have to open their own CDX account prior to migration? No. We advise against it. When the Data Provider migrates, her CDX account will be generated at that time.
In option 2 does the user become a permitee signature for all permits? No. User is only Permittee (signature) for CDX. User then goes into NetDMR and Requests Access for NPDES ID, but Role for NPDES ID can be anything. User does not have to be Signatory if they are not going to sign and submit DMRs, but must be Signatory if they are to sign and submit DMRs.
does CDX have a test site for users like NetDMR? Yes. You would have to create an account there for testing
so you don't have to loging through CDX to get to NetDMR? we will still be able to login directly to NetDMR? After May 22, you will need to login to CDX to get to NetDMR, BUT the url will still be the same as it is now (
IF I understand correctly, signatories need authentication in CDX + signatory agreement in NetDMR. The authentication in CDX does not take the place of the signatory agreement in NetDMR. No. CDX requires 1 Signature Agreement per CDX account. NetDMR requires a Subscriber Agreement (different document) per NPDES ID when Role is Signatory
Is there a chance that a password could expire prior to the move? Yes, it is possible.  And you can logon with your expired password and change it later.
Is there a way to alert permittees if they have user account discrepancies (CDX profile does not match NetDMR profile) prior to migration?  And if so can they fix the discrepancy prior to migration?  EPA NPDES eReporting Helpdesk has been doing outreach to all the users since February. We have been proactively emailing, calling all users. All the Regulatory Authorities have also been assisting users to solve their discrepancies. If you have any questions about your account, please contact your regulatory authority:
Let me get this straight... do I still enter my monthly DMR information in NetDMR or CDX? you will still enter DMR in NetDMR.  CDX is where you will log in to get to NetDMR in the future.
Q: Let me get this straight... do I still enter my monthly DMR information in NetDMR or CDX?

A: you will still enter DMR in NetDMR. CDX is where you will log in to get to NetDMR in the future.

Q: Let me get this straight... do I still enter my monthly DMR information in NetDMR or CDX?

A: you will still enter DMR in NetDMR. CDX is where you will log in to get to NetDMR in the future.
After May 22
Q: Let me get this straight... do I still enter my monthly DMR information in NetDMR or CDX?

A: you will still enter DMR in NetDMR. CDX is where you will log in to get to NetDMR in the future.

after May 22
What number can i call when I need assistance with this? For migration issues, please contact; for all other issues, please contact your Regulatory Authority
My regular DMR is due on the 20th of each month. WIll I be able to use the current method to submit that on time? Yes. Submitting DMRs will still be same
My user id for NetDmR is my e-mail address but my user name for CDX is not an e-mail address.  does that mean I won't get the e-mail? You will receive the CRK email based on your email on NetDMR email 
On slide 30, on the mailing address, is this your facility's address or your personal  home address? Thank you. Personal Home address
Back on slide 30, is the address your facility address or your pesonal address?  Your personal address.
Once a DMR is signed and accepted, will we still receive a confirmation e-mail Yes, same NetDMR functionality as before
Once my account has been migrated can I then have other new users open their accounts? yes, that is perfectly fine.
Please define instance. Instance = Program Service = Regulatory Authority = Place where you submit your DMR forms to
Should a contract laboratory that performs NPDES testing  enter the  results for a permitee as a data provider?  May the permitee enter these test results as a permitee user? Lab should be Data Provider.  Permittees who will just enter DMR but not sign will be Permittee (no signature)
Should we enter our April NetDMR info before upgrading to CDX? You have until May 19 to enter DMR data, then you may resume on May 22
So how do we know if we are going to be moved or if we we have to create an account Since currently you have a NetDMR account, you will be moved.  If the 'move' fails (i.e. forgot your password/security questions), then you have to create an account in CDX and resquest access to permits again.
After the DMR has been signed, will the customary emails be sent to parties currently receiving them? Yes. No change to NetDMR functionality
To access the old record/files; would this be through the zendesk or old netdmr urls? CORs can be access though NetDMR as always
To get into NetDMR after migration, do I go to the CDX website or NetDMR website? both will take you to CDX to login
When accessing NetDMR through CDX after my account is migrated, will I use my existing CDX password or NetDMR password? After migration, you will no longer have a NetDMR password. You will only use your CDX password
To my knowledge all of my info has been transfered. is there a place on CDX website to make sure everything is done and ready? Yes. Your "MyCDX" login page will display your NetDMR Program Service along with your Role when your migration is completed
I thought the email containing the CRK will come from netdmr-notification" and not the "CDX-Help Desk" ans shown in the slide of the inbox? it is one and same
We have 2 signatory users, will each have to do the move process?  Will all users have to perform the move? Yes, they will each have to perform the move
What do I do if I'm registered on NetDMR but my limits are not available/entered in NetDMR yet? So I have an account, but I have not submitted anything via NetDMR, do I follow the same process? Yes. You will receive a CRK email to have your account migrated.
What do you mean by "Discrepancies between both accounts"? Is this applicable to account IDs, aacount passwords, or both? This means: First Name, Last Name, Username & Email in NetDMR must match First Name, Last Name, User ID, and email in CDX
When submitting DMRs, which framework shall be utilized? Not sure of the question, but when you submit DMRS, it will look exactly the same as the current NetDMR tool
Both, my NetDMR account and CDX account already have same IDs (not sure about same password). What else is needed if both accounts already match and have been verified by EPA? If you have one NetDMR account and one CDX account and they match, you are all set: First Name, Last Name, Username & Email in NetDMR have to match in CDX 
What is my organization if I am a sole proprietor and my business name is not established anywhere.  For Sole Proprietor, your Organization is the business name of your sole proprietorship.
Is the new location of the COR a technical detail that has no impact on how the user accesses their CORs, or will the user have to go to a completely different place to find new CORs No impact. Users can still View/Download CORs from within NetDMR
What if you already have account set-up in CDX? You're NetDMR user account will migrate to the CDX account
What is the difference between an Instance and an account? Instance = State Agency or EPA Region.  Account is where you register to get access to login.
Can you change your CDX user name after the migration is complete? yes
Who approves requests for access within an organization (like the old Permit Administrator role)? NetDMR functionality is not changing. Permit Administrators will continue to approve/deny access
What is the difference between the roles?   Permittee (signature) is someone at the facility authorized to sign and submit DMRs. Permittee (no signature) are persons at the facility that can enter or view DMR data, but cannot sign. Data Providers are contractors or labs who do DMR data entry on behalf of a facility. Internal Users are EPA and State Regulatory Authority users. 
If an outside company does our DMR and we sign and send it in what role should we choose? You should be Permittee (Signature)
Who will enter the DMR information? That designation is up to you. You may do it or have a contractor or lab do it on your behalf.
What is the last day I can enter a DMR in NETDMR You can enter DMR data until May 19, and resume DMR data entry on May 22.
When should I expect the CRK email? You should expect a CRK email on May 22 morning
Wil there still be an option to include all in batch submission if you have multiple DMRs to submit or do you have to do the sign process for each individual DMR? Yes, you can include all DMRs in batch sign. NetDMR functionality is not changing
Wil we still be required to change passwords every few months on the new system? Yes. CDX requires a password reset every 90 days. This is a federal systems mandate.
Will I be able to submit my DMR as usual before the 20 MAY 17 due date? Please submit your DMR before May 19.  ,May 18th is the last day to submit in the current version of NetDMR.
My regular DMR is due on the 20th of each month.  WIll I be able to use the current method to submit that on time? Yes. Submitting DMRs will still be same.
Will the CRK email come from CDX help desk or netdmr
Will the same login address (https:/  etc.) be used or will this change for CDX migration? it will be the same but i recommend saving the new CDX url
Will users with signatory rights already have to submit another document with CDX or will their role transfer over automatically all user roles are migrated.  Only a signatoy has to agree to a new CDX Electronic Signature Agreement.
In regards to "all user roles are migrated. Only a signatoy has to agree to a new CDX Electronic Signature Agreement." How will this be presented to my signatory colleagues?  Is it presented to them when they click on the CDX link? Yes, a signatory will need to agree on a new CDX agreement.  Eddie will cover this soon.
How do I know what instance # I am Who is your regulatory authority?  Where are you submitting your DMRs now?
I didn't receive the CRK it will be sent on or about May 22
The password will still be the same right NetDMR Password will be the same during the move
If the password is our engineer's but im the one making all the entries should change it to my information You should not be sharing passwords. If you are the DMR data entry person, the user account should be under your name and should be your password
Will we receive the CRX even if our State hasnt received the Signatory Agreement Your user  profile will be migrated, but not your role.  Yin this case, you need to request an access role in CDX.
will we still access the CDX at the same web address location?  Yes.
Would I be able to manage mulitple locations on one account (login) or have to have a different accouts One CDX account will allow you to access NetDMR. It is within NetDMR you access multiple NPDES IDs
5/3/17 Can DMR's be signed by one person and submitted by someone else?  The user who is signing, is submitting. For regular netdmr inquiries, please contact your Regulatory Authorities:
Can I reset my expired password in netdmr now before migration? Yes, please do. 
Can I still submit my April NPDES report for 5/15/2017 The current NetDMR system will be available to submit DMRs until May 19th,During May 12-19, you can still submit DMRs, you just won't be allowed to edit user profile during that time
Do my passwords in NetDMR and CDX need to match for the account to be transferred ? No, they do not need to match. The information that needs to match is first name, last name, username and email address on both accounts.,No. 
For companies where the parent company differs from the permittee, who is the organization...the parent, or the permittee? The Organization is the company to which you are employed
For people who just signed up for signatory authority but haven't been approved...should he wait until after the migration, or is there still time to submit the old NetDMR user agreement? Assuminng its paper, please get it approved so the user can move as a permittee (signature), as opposed to permittee (no signature) and the user has to request it again in CDX
How do we get a CDX account? If you don't have a CDX account, you don't have to do anything - on May 22 you will receive a CRK email with a link - it will take you through all the necessary steps to move to CDX,You don't need to a get a CDX account, your account will be migrated.  Eddie is explaining now.
How will a testing lab have access? Are you a data provider? 
Our testing lab enters the permit limits.  We review it and sign and send it.  Since you're a netdmr user, you will be moved on May 22. Wait for your CRK email on that day, click on the link and follow the process to complete the move to CDX...after that, submitting the DMRs is business as usual
Our lab has access on NetDMR.  See above answer
I have 2 seperate netdmr accounts with 2 seperate email addresses. How do I make each of them match 1 cdx account? Do you have 2 netdmr accounts in two different instance/program service (i.e. one in Colorado and one in Kentucky?) If so your email address, first name, last name, Username match exactly with your CDX account information. You will receive 2 CRK emails for two different accounts in two instances
I have 2 netdmr user accounts (different user names and different email addresses) how can those be moved to an existing cdx account? please contact, they will walk you through it. You should have received an email from them already
I have a NetDMR account for the same company reporting to Mississppi DEQ and I was recently transferred to one of their plants in Kentucky. Do I need to create a new NetDMR account at my new location? Yes. And ask your Regulatory AUthority to lock your Mississippi DEQ account
If emails aren't going out until the 22 or 23 - and Memorial Day weekend is that next weekend - are DMR's still due on the 28th? The CRK email will be sent out May 22 morning. The move takes few minutes to complete
If I have requested Edit to a permit but it has not yet been approved will I get a CDX role? You will be moved as permittee ( no signature) if you have not been approved yet
If I have the same exact username, password, First Name, and Last name on both my NetDMR account and on my CDX account, but my CDX account specifies a title of "Mr.", while the NetDMR account doesn't, would this constitute a discrepancy?  No it would not. Title like Mr and middle initial do not cause discrepancy. 
If I have yet to create a NetDMR account prior to May 12th is it recommended that I wait to create an account after May 12? Yes. 
... I already have a CDX account but not a NetDMR account do I wait until after May 22 to create a NetDMR? Yes.
If the signatory has yet to created a NetDMR account should they try to make a NetDMR account, mail in the signatory paperwork before the migration on the 12th? If you want to go through paper process, yes. You can still go through the same process in CDX after May 22.
Can you have more than one Permitt Signature? yes, you can
If my net DMR email does not match my CDX email, do I need to change my CDX email? Yes. You should have received an email from with details on how to change your information in NetDMR and/or CDX
If our site signatory is retiring June 1 - does he need to go through this process or just let his current access expire naturaly through migration If your user does not have to submit any DMR after May 22, then he does not have to move
If you are already registered in CDX (while filing the 503 sludge)...then I guess you are just changing role? to include NetDMR NetDMR will be another program service added to that existing CDX account in addition to your NeT Biosolids program service
If you are already setup it will go over don't have to do anything You still have to go through migration process
Initially assigned my first client's company name as my Primary Organization which I tried to change to my actual Company nmane (Data Provider for multiple permittees), will this affect my migration or when I enter my actual company name during finalization, will it be corrected then? The organization will not be migrated, you will choose your organization upon migration. You can change your Primary organization in CDX as well. 
Is there a fee for the Lexus Nexus check? No,No
Will NetDMRTest be migrated to CDX also? We are not migrating Test users (we are migrating only selective Internal Users). If you are from Oregon, please contact them for more details,Yes, on 5/30.
It appears that in a nut shell all that is changing is the method for entering NetDMR. Is that correct Correct
On the handout in Word; Paragraph 1c.  Help instruction is: “If you are not able to troubleshoot, please request that the CDX Help Desk resend the email.
(888) 890-1995; (970) 494-5500 for international callers; (Two diff. options/phone numbers) <>”

On the handout in PowerPoint; Page 14, the help instructions are:  “Contact NetDMR Support, CRK email can be resent
Call 877-227-8965 (toll-free) (Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00 EST) <>” 
We will make a necessay updates.  Thanks.,For resolving your user profile discrepancies, contact and they will guide you through the process. CDX helpdesk is for changing CDX profile (not CDX User ID) . BUt it is recommended to contact NetDMR Support first and they will guide you through it and whether you need to call CDX helpdesk or not
Question, if we have questions about the migration do we call either number that was on the slide, CDX or EPA?? Please, call the EPA NPDES eReporting Help Desk or your Regulatory Authority for more information
our email addresses will be changing in about 2 months.  How will this effect the signing in process or what needs to be done? After May 22 after you go through the migration steps, you can change your email with CDX,If you email address is the same by May 22, then you're fine for the move. After two months, you would need to contact CDX helpdesk to change your email (you will no longer be able to change the netdmr email as you can currently can. Calling CDX helpdesk after 2 months will sovle your issue)
Shoud a permittee submit DMRs due in May via CDX or NetDMR? Users will just need to move to CDX. Once moved, users will submit DMRS in NetDMR via signing in CDX. Submitting DMRs is business as usual - nothing changes there,It is up to you.  Recommend to do it in NetDMR before the outage.
Should we advise all NET DMR users to update password before May 12? Yes we recommend that
we keep getting an email that our NetDMR and CDX accounts don't match, but we don't have a CDX account that we are aware of. How do we find our CDX account? You can go to and click on the "Forgot Your User ID?" link. This will ask for the email address, then you will receive an email containing the user ID(s) registered to that email in the CDX system.
What constitutes an account discrepancy?  Expired password?? If you have an existing CDX account this means there is a different between first name, last name, username and/or email address. All these items must match exactly. The passwords to not need to match between accounts.
What does 'Permitte user' mean in the new CDX role? Eddie is explaining now.
What if your email address in CDX is different than the NetDMR email address? Which email address will be used to send the CR Key email? You will need to ensure that they match before May 12, You should have received an email from, please contact them to ensure this is the case
How do I update email address in CDX? You must call the CDX Help Desk at 1-888-890-1995 and their staff can change the email on your account. 
What role would you be if you have both a signatory role as well as edit, view and add data? you'd be a Permittee (Signature)
when you click on the NetDMR link will it go to the old page we currently see where you pick the state, etc? On May 22, when you click on the, you will not see the current screen. It will instead have a streamlined registration to log into CDX only for NetDMR users. If you are an existing NetDMR user, you must click on the CRK email on May 22 to complete the move first (do not try to log into the streamlined user registration at Move must happen first. And for future reference, you can use to login to CDX to access NetDMR and submit DMRs
: when you click on the NetDMR link will it go to the old page we currently see where you pick the state, etc? Please see my response above
will the questions be included on the website? yes
Who approves requests for access within an organization (like the old Permit Administrator role)? Still permit administrator.  This role has not changed.
I thought the only roles are Permittee (signature) and Permittee (no signature). Is there also a Permit Administrator role? If so, once the migration is complete, do I go into CDX and change my role from Permittee (no signature) to Permit Administrator? Permittee is a user type, Permit Admi (PA) is a role.  As a permittee (no sig) , you need to request an access for PA. if you are permittee (with sig), PA role will comes with it.
So if I have a NetDMRTest account, and a CDX test account, the test account won't be migrated (since I'm not an internal user) even if my username and email match. But I could create a new NetDMRTest account within CDX Test after the 5/30 migration. Is that right?  Correct.
So when a vast number of migrations fail and systems can't submit a DMR on time, what are the ramifications? We have been doing a major outreach to resolve discrepancies since February. We reached a desired high % of users who will receive CRK emails to complete migration.  If all fails, users will have to create a new account, request access for permits and submit for due DMRs, we are working to see for users who can't meet due date DMR due to migration can be considered for late submission.
Will I still be able to submit all dmr submissions the same way Yes. CDX is only the sign in part. Submitting DMRs is still business as usual using the same screens.
5/4/17 After migration, can we add new "Permittee Signature" roles? yes, you can
All of this will need to be done after May 22 correct? You will receive CRK email on May 22. Yes you have to go through the process after you receive the email. 
As a permit admin in NetDMR we had the ability to approve new roles for individuals requesting access to NetDMR.  Will we also have a similar approval role in CDX? Yes
Can I import my April NetDMR data and sign and submit my net dmrs after May 22nd in the normal Netdmr system for the whole month of May or does it have to be in CDX after May 22nd. CDX is just the login part and will deal with requesting access etc moving forward. NetDMR tool still stays the same for sumbitting DMRs. You can submit before May 19. Or wait for the CRK email, complete the move and sign and submit after May 22. ,After 22nd, you need to logon to CDX , import and sign & submit.  Recommend to do it before 5/18.  5/19 the system is down.
Can the 5 signatory questions contain the 3 original security questions from NetDMR, or must they be different? The questions are chosen from a pick list. There may be questions that appear on both, and if so, you may choose it. But you must choose from the available questions
Do I have to make sure my CDX password and NetDMR password are the same before the rollout? No, but please remeber both.  That is important.
Do your emails for cdx and netdmr have to match in order to be integrated even if the user id already matches? Yes the following must match for a successful move from NetDMR to CDX: First name, Last Name, Username, Email
Does the LexisNexis agreement apply to all users or only signatories?  Does a separate agreement have to be submitted for each login? Only signatories. If you have one CDX account, then just one time.,Permittee (no signature) & Data Provider do not have to go through LexisNexis
For existing NetDMR users, do we need to complete and/or sign any new subscriber agreements or authorization documents? If you are an existing NetDMR, and resolved all your profile discrepancies, then all this will carry over during the 'move'.  For signatories, during the CRK process, user just have to click on ESA.  THis is not like the signing process, it's just a click button to continue.,Current netdmr signatories (already been approved), they don't need to go through Lexis Nexis.  During migration, Signatory just need to click on Agree, then the CDX creates a new Electronic Signature Agreement(ESA). Identifiy proofing  applies only to a new permittee (with Signature).
For existing NetDMR users, will previously completed/submitted DMRs still be available/accessible in CDX?  That is, will these submittals migrate over from NetDMR to CDX? If you receive CRK email, that means you will be able to successfully move your account from NetDMR to CDX. Please remember your password, that's critical. If you can do that, you can access everything in NEtDMR via CDX
How are new CDX accounts linked to NetDMR in CDX, after the migration (if no current NetDMR or CDX account exists)? Only current existing NetDMR users will move to CDX and be 'linked'. New users after may 22 will have to create an account in CDX.,A new user creates a new account in CDX and add the program service (NetDMR Instance0, then request access role in the NetDMR.
How long does the signing process take? Just a few seconds (if you know your password and security question)
I have a current CDX account. Will registration be necessary in this case? You should have received an email from letting you know whether or not you have any discrepancies between your NetDMR profile info and CDX profile info. If you have resolved any discrepancies or don't have any discrepancies, please wait for your CRK email on May 22 and follow the process by clicking the link.  This will complete you r NetDMR account migration to CDX. ,Is your CDX user id, name  & email address the same as NetDMR userid, name & email address?  If yes, you don't need to do anything.  If your CDX user id is diffierent, you need to go to NetDMR and update your user id.  
I have two different User Id. Do they have to match in NetDMR and CDX? Two user ID in CDX means two CDX account. You have to decide which CDX account you want your NetDMR account to move to.  Email to let them know which account you prefer.
My user Id are not the same in NetDMR and CDX? Do they need to match? Yes. You should've received an email from stating that you have discrepancies. PLEASE respond to them in order for you to move successfully. 
I missed what DRK stads for CRK: Customer Retrieval Key
If I need to add an additional signature person after May 22, do they have to create a NetDMR account? Yes, they need to create a new account, pass Identity Proofing and then request a Signatory access for this permit.,All new account creation will be done in the CDX, then user landed to the NetDMR production.  Signatory has to pass CDX's Identity Proofing.
Can I have two Permittee (Signature) persons in CDX? yes, you can
Few people will know when their SSN was issued. Out of Wallet questions are multiple choice questions and there are many questions. The user has to answer 3 out of 4 questions to move forward.  If you remember your password (& security questions), you don't even have to face this. 
In the past when NOI signatoriies had to do a new Subsriber Agreenent there was an issue when they logged on to do so. It would not allow them to advance through the process -said account already esists for this email address.  For NetDMR CDX user migration, you CDX account info should be the same as NetDMR.  To create a new account, your email address and user id should be unique.  You can't use the same email address.
So preparers that are consulting firms/labs will have to request access again to each organization(client) that they prepare DMRs for? I work for 30+ different organizations, so I have to do these all individually like we did before?  Move is only per program service (i.e. Kentucky, Colorado) not per permit. If you have two NetDMR accounts in two different program services (i.e. instances), then you will receive two CRK email.  It doesn't matter how many permit access you have in those program services.
I asked the question wrong.  i am a consultant/contractor. I have 30+ clients that are different organizations - offshore oil and gas operators. For Example i am the preparer for Shell, Chevron, Exxon Your Organization is the the company you work for, NOT the 30 companies you prepare DMRs for. 
If it is a new signatory authority does a hard copy approval document need to be submitted.  If electronic is acceptable, can anyone sign up to be the signatory authority within one's organization I'm not sure I understand the question. Both Paper and Electronic option are available in CDX for new users.  ,Don't quite understand the question.  Signatory has a choice of submitting a copy or electronic copy of subscriber agreement.  You have a choice.
If my cognizant official/signatory authority already has a CDX account log in and password can he/she just select NetDMR as a module (similar to Risk Managment Program or Toxic Release Inventory TRIME web modules) or do I have to have that individual creat a NetDMR account for the migration? Yes. User who do not migrate AND have a CDX account already will only need to Add Program Service without having to go through a whole Create Account process. Further instructions can be found on NetDMR Zendesk,You have to wait for your CRK email on May 22 to move your existing NetDMR to CDX so that you don't have to go through access request to permits etc.  But please make sure your NetDMR user profile matches your CDX profile in order to receive the CRK email. Contact to make sure you do not have discrepancies between netdmr and cdx
If your current role is a Data Provider, but you do work for the facility, do you have to change your role to Permittee? You do not have to change any role in NetDMR now for the move,You don't need to change your role, if you are a data provider and only responsible for DMR data entries. 
Is the account "my" account and I need to have my back-up create his own? Do no understand your question. Please clarify.
Only enter the password for CDX not NetDMR correct? The screens will be clear on which password to enter.  If you have only a netdmr account, then the screen will say enter 'NetDMR password'. If you have netdmr and CDX account, you will have to go through dual login, for which you need to enter both netdmr and cdx.  ,Screen is very specific.  It will display NetDMR user id, NetDMR password.  If you have a CDX account, the scecond screen ask you to enter CDX password.
So if I understand correctly, we should still be submitting our DMRs as usual through May 12?   Correct. ,During May 12-19, the user will not be able to change User profile information like First Name, Last Name, Email , Username etc. 
I tried to logon to my NetDMR several times recently and the system wouldn't let me in.  Who do I contact about this problem with my account? Yes  - the following must match for a successful move from NetDMR to CDX: First Name, Last Name, Username, Email,Your State/Region.  The contact info listed at :,please send an email to to let us know. Also you can contact your regulatory authority:
What if I had a Previous CDX account and a NETdmr account which do not match before this change came about. Do I need to wait to create anything new at CDX until prompted by the email link to ensure my NETdmr information is migrated over? You should've received an email from stating exactly what the discrepancies are. PLEASE respond to them or call them and they will assist you to resolve all issues for a successful move.
What if you have a NetDMR account but no CDX account.  Should you set up the CDX account now or just wait until the migration is done? No. You will have to wait until you get the CRK email on May 22. All you have to do is follow the link and it will move your netdmr account to CDX. 
If I need to add a Data Entry person to NetDMR should I do that now or wait until after the migration? if you can afford to wait, we will recommend that you wait.
What password parameters are there for CDX? · At least 8 Characters

· Not all numeric characters

· Only acceptable special characters are period, hyphen, underscore, and the (at) symbol

Spaces are not allowed
Why is this being done toward the end of the month and not at the beginning of the month so as to not interfere with DMR submissions? We understand the worry. This date was based on various IT and business considerations
Will you have a NetDMR password and a CDX password? No. After migration, you will only have a CDX password
will all states be required to use CDX/NetDMR? Yes.,Every existing NetDMR user has to use CDX login after May 22 (i.e. submitting DMRs in NetDMR is business as usual), it's just the log in process that'll change after May 22, once users complete CRK process. 
Will I be able to sign more than 1 DMR at a time or do I have to go thru the whold process for each DMR?  An example would be upstream, downstream, and Effluent of a CSO site. You can sign multiple DMRs just like now,The move will happen only once on May 22 so that your NetDMR account moves to CDX. That's it! After that, you just log in and submit DMRs the way you normally do. 
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