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Questions From May 9 - May 11, 2017 NetDMR to CDX Webinars

Date Question Response
5/9/2017 As a data provider, if we have entered data for our clients prior to the 22nd, will all that data be lost if the DMR is not submitted before the migration. Data won't be lost.  Recommend to ask signatory to sign & submit when the DMR is ready for submission before the move.
We have a section of our company that uses the CDX for submittal of air emmisions related data. Will our NetDMR information be merged into that account or will it have an account of it own. No, your unique NetDMR account need to be moved as a new CDX account (wait for CRK email on May 22).  The NetDMR accounts has to be unique (your own name, email and username) as opposed to another's name and username.
If my company has a CDX account already but I am wanting the NetDMR CDX account to be different, is that possible?  I dont want the 2 CDX accounts to merge. Please call or email and let them know your preference
Can we still enter eNOIs into the CDX system during the change over, which this shutdown CDX as well? Sure.  Only NetDMR production will be down.
Can you use same password and security questions you use for NetDMR? Yes
Can your password for NetDMR and CDX be diferent? Yes.  
Currently, we scan in the State MRO/overflow reports and upload it to NetDMR. Will there still be an option to upload scaned documents in CDX? Not in CDX, but you can still attach documents to DMRs within NetDMR.
How do we know if we are registered or not? where?  in NetDMR?
We are already NetDMR registered,..I was talking about CRK email All NetDMR users will receive CRK email to 'move' to CDX - GRANTED that they meeting Username requirements with CDX - you should have received an email from telling you if you do or do not have discrepancies
How often do I need to create a new password 90 days. It will prompt you to reset password,Every 90 days (federal mandate)
How will NetDMR accounts for versions like Louisiana, that do not use CDX, be handled when transferred? Individual users in Louisiana may have a CDX account. So that particular user needs to ensure that her NetDMR profile info matches with CDX profile info for a successful migration.
I have a CDX account for Biosolids reporting only.  Do I use this CDX account or create a new one to migrate? Don't create any CDX account.  Your NetDMR account will be moved to CDX on May 22.  Please make sure your NetDMR user profile (Fist name, last name, Email Username) match with your CDX user profile,On May 22, you will receive a CRK email from Please click on the link and follow the process carefully to complete migration
I have a CDX account for EPCRA Toxic Release Inventory Reporting,  Will Net DMR go under that account? Yes
I have separate passwords for NetDMR and CDX, do I need to have a single password for both? For migration, first use your NetDMR password, then logon to CDX use your CDX password.  Eddie is going to show you in few minutes.
I have started my April DMR.  Will i need to re-enter after the migration, or is that data migrated also We recommend to make sure that DMR is signed and submitted before May 19. 
I need to submit attachments with my DMR,  us this a function on the CDX CDX is just the login part of NetDMR. Once you log in to CDX, you will entering the same NetDMR screens - so yes, you can add attachment the same way as you do now
I married recently.  The State contacts told me to wait until this migration to update my name in the NetDMR system.  How do I note this change with the ESA agreement?   We recommend you enter your new last name in your NetDMR account Before May 12. Please let your regulatory authority that EPA has recommended it
I tried to reset my password and got a notice that I was unable to reset it.  What should I do? Please contact your regulatory authority to reset your password:
if I currently have two netDMR accounts for submitting DMR data in two different states, will I need to complete the migration process twice, one for each state, or only once?  Will I have access to both state's NPDES permits through the same CDX account?  The two states are Rhode Island and Massachusetts. If you have two accounts in two program service/instance, then you will receive two CRK email. Once you go through the CRK process first. Second CRK email will automatically skip most of the process and go stragiht to 'adding another program service'
If I have a NetDMR account under an old company email that I am no longer with, do I need to do anythig to delete that account? Please go to NetDMR account info and change your email to a current unique email. Do it BEFORE May 12. Please email to make sure if your account is all set
If you already are a netdmr user can you use all the same passwords and information for the CDX passwords?  On may 22, you will be asked to enter your netdmr password first, and then you have to enter your CDX password for dual authentication. Once migrated ,you will only be using CDX user ID & password to login.,NOTE: CDX userID requirements are slightly different than NetDMR: At least 8 Characters, Not all numeric characters, Only acceptable special characters are period, hyphen, underscore, and the (at) symbol, Spaces are not allowed.  
One person in our facility has an netdmr account for reporting and another person has a CDX account for biosolids reporting. Will he migrate as well or is he ok? I assume we need to have one access from our facility with different users? Or will we both have seperate CDX accounts Only NetDMR users are migrating. Biosolids users are not effected
if you are already using CDX will I still receive items from CRK Your NetDMR user profile has to be migrated.  You have to click on CRK.
It is currently required of to change passwords every 90 days, will we have to call CDX every time we need to update it?  You don't have to call CDX helpdesk - you can click on 'forgot password' in CDX site, it'll walk your through.
Just to clarify, if I already have a Net DMR account, but I haven't used it for awhile, I should go into my NetDMR account at this time (before May 19) and make sure my account is updated? Correct.  Please reset your password as it might be expired.  Please do it before May 12, not May 19.  And then wait for the CRK email on May 22 to move to CDX.  You should've received an email from with details
I also have a CDX account. Should I leave that alone at this time? Yes. You will receive a CRK email on May 22 to move your netdmr account to CDX.  Please also make sure your netdmr profile matches with your CDX profile (first name, last name, email, Username)
If I have both a NetDMR and CDX account at htis itme, shoudl I go into both and check my account info? Yes - check to make sure your first name, last name, username and email match exactly.  And you should receive an email from stating if there is any discrepancy
Just to confirm we will have to submit a new signatory request once the migration to CDX occurs? If you are a permittee (signature) and you have no user profile discrepancies, you will receive a CRK email and move to CDX - which means you do not have to submit a new signatory request...your permittee (signature) role will be migrated to CDX
Iave an Edit role with NetDMR, but do not have a CDX account. Do I need to create a CDX account? No you do not need to create anything now.  On May 22nd, you will receive a CRK email - click on the link and it will walk you through the process to 'migrate' your NetDMR account to CDX. You should've received an email from telling you if you have any user discrepancy (i.e. username is less than 8 character long etc)
I have a CDX account for air emmison submitting will our NETDMR account be merged into this account?  Yes.  You should've received an email from Please read the email carefully to see whether you have any user profile discrepancy to resolve.  Once all is resolved, you will receive a CRK email on May 22 to move your netdmr account to your existing CDX account
I have recieved an email from Rachel eulman (Avanti) (EPA Net Support) < stating that we are confirmed that the approiate modifications have been made to our NEtDMR acout to ensure succesful intergration. We have not recieved an email from Should I still recieve an email from the NPDESeReporting? For CRK, you will receive an email notification from,Milton, that's fine - those are the same emails - you are all set to receive a CRK on May 22
If I have issues after the migration of NetDMR to CDX is there a helpdesk that I can contact to correct the issues?  Any issues after migration in regards to your account will be dealt with CDX helpdesk. 
My CDX account is old and has not been used since setup. I do not know the id or password. I received an email saying I would receive a new CDX account on integration date. Is that still the case? Yes. If you received an email from, that's fine. If you have any questions on your account, please contact them
once CDX is in use of registering for NetDMR. do users still need to go through the process at Test Site ?   If you are using NetDMR production, you need to use the Test site.
should I attempt to enter a DMR in the system now or wait until after the 22nd? Recommend to do it ASAP.  Don't wait.,If you enter DMR now, we recommend that the DMR is signed and submitted before May 19. Otherwise, enter DMR after May 22 
Should we have already received the email from saying we are confirmed to be moved? Yes. The email should say whether you're all set or that you have some discrepancies in your user profile that you need to resolve.  You must resolve all issues to receive CRK email
What should we do if we didn't get that email? Please check your spam box.  If you haven't seen any email from, please email them and ask whether there is any issue with your account that you need to resolve to receive your CRK email and successfully migrate on May 22,if you are referring to the CRK email on May 22 (that should come from and didn't receive that on May 22,, please contact 
So, if I have not receved any such emails that I am reading about in the questions section other than one telling me there is going to be a migration should I be worried?   First, please check your spam box. Please contact and ask about your NetDMR account and whether you have any user discrepancies that need to be resolved. What is your NetDMR username and email? 
I checked my SPAM folder and have no e-mails.  My NetDMR username is  which is also my email address... Mariene, I just looked at your account - you're all set.  Wait for the CRK email on May 22 from
We used CDX to submit our biosolids. Can we use the same username and password to access CDX for DMR submission? First you have to make sure your netdmr account user profile match with your CDX user profile, including your userID...once that's done, you will receive a CRK email on May 22 to complete the migration to CDX...after this is complete you will be login into CDX using CDX userID and password to access your NetDMR and submit DMRs
How can I change the userID of the CDX account? It is not matching my NetDMR account? You can't change the CDX user id, you need to go to NetDMR and change it there,You cannot change your User ID in CDX - we receommend you change your NetDMR username to match your CDX userID. 
What do you mean by discrepancies? User profile Discrepancies = NetDMR users who have CDX account must have the following profile match: First Name, Last Name, Email & Username
What is the website to access CDX (NetDMR Network Discharge Monitoring Report)? The same that we've been using until now ? Yes.
Can be start the migration process now or submit data for April as usual and do the migration later before or on May 22? Migration can only occur when you receive the CRK email.,No. You have to wait until May 22 for the CRK email ...once you complete the process then you can login to NetDMR 
What if you are a signatory for mulitple companies for different permits? Do you still only need to sign one authorization, or is it one for each company? If you have all the permits in one instance/program service, then you need to sign one authorization.   The migration will happen per netdmr account per instance. ,Only one CDX ESA should be in place.
What type of CDX user role will be able to manage user accounts for the facility, since there is no longer a permitee administrator role? No changes. Permittee administration - no change in that
Which roles can be able to submit reports in CDX? Permittee (Signature)
Will records of previous reports be carried over into CDX from netDMR? Yes.  
5/10/2017 Can we submit monthly DMR reports until May 12th as well? You can Submit DMRs till 5/18.  5/19 the system is down.
how do i change my user name? My account -> edit -> change your username -> confirm and save -> scroll down and answer your security question and password and save again
im trying to change my user name but the information provided to do so is not in CDX You can only change your user name in the NetDMR.,Are you trying to change your username in NetDMR? If you're trying to change User ID in CDX - you CANT.  In CDX you can't change User ID, which is why we recommend to change in NetDMR for both accounts to match
Net DMR and CDX user names are different i would like to make them the same. How do i do that? You can't change it in CDX, so you need to go to NetDMR and do the changes.  If you are a signatory, you need to contact your state/region to do that for you.
how will internal users know if a permittee successfully migrated? Internal users should contact us and we produce a report.  
if username is locked once your cdx account is finalized, how would a permittee change their email address if the comapny is sold and the email address changes After May 22, you can call CDX helpdesk to change your email
I already have a NetDMR and a CDX account. Do the user names and passwords need to be the same before the migration? The only thing you need to match are: First Name, Last Name, UserName and Email.  Passwords do not have to be the same
I have two new signatories in the facility and neither has NETDMR or CDX could you please explain the easiest method for them. On Moday, 5/22 or after, they need to create a new account in CDX, pass Identity Proofing, then they will be landed in NetDMR, they should request a signatory access for your permit.
Is there downloadable instructions for registering for CDX? If you have a netdmr account - we are migrating your netdmr account for you to cdx - you will receive a CRK email on May 22, where you will be asked to click a link and complete the migration process. Please don't create any CDX account right now
How about instructions for someone that is not a CDX or NETDMR registered?  If the user does not have a NetDMR account, then the user will need to create an account in CDX to access NetDMR after May 22. We will have tutorials on on how to create an account after May 22.  The URL to create an account stays the same:
If I am a "Duly Authorized Representative of Certifier" in current CDX and NetDMR, what will be my role in CDX after the migration? Permittee (signature)
If I have a NetDMR account but haven't received a CDX email. I wait til May 22 to create the CDX account? If you didn't receive a CRK email, please contact
If on May 22nd I get my CRK email do I have a time limit when to migrate by? no.
If you have already entered your DMR data prior to migration is it still there?  Make sure the DMR is signed and submitted - if you successfuly migrate to CDX on May 22, you should be able to see your DMR data,Of course.  COR is a copy of record, it won't be deleted.
If you were signed in as a signatory and your role changes as an election change, how doyou sign in prior to May 12? You should still be able to sign in using the same log in information after May 12.
Is the CDX password needed?  If so, what if it has been forgotten due to lack of use? If you are moving your NetDMR account to CDX, yes, you would need to authenticate that you have both accounts by entering passwords on May 22 with the CRK email. Please go to CDX website, and click on 'forgot your password' to reset your password. 
Provided there is a Migration failure,  how long will it take to gain approval?   What if this gets n the way of DMR deadlines?   how can folks stay compliant? If migration fails, you will have to create a new account in CDX to access NetDMR.  The process depends on how many permits you have to request.  The electronic paths to request for role takes few minutes from the user's side.  This is why it is crucial for you to migrate (i.e. resolve user discrepancies, remember your password) - we have been doing outreach for the last few months to ensure this doesn't happen. there is a 30 day delay before DMRs show violation.,Please make sure you know your NetDMR password and secret question, it is very important.  But, if the migration fail, you need to create a new account.  And if you are a signatory, you to go thorugh IP and SA approval.  Recommend to talk to your state/region to resolve any violations.
Signator can enter and sign data if needed? That is correct.  Same experince.  You just enter NetDMR by log into CDX.  Eddie is discussing this now.
If you are are of the office for a few weeks aroung May 22nd can you sign in when you return? Make sure to click on the link in the CRK email to be migrated to CDX.  Eddie is talking about it right now.
To go from role screen you push "request Role Access"? yes
What if address or something is different on signature agreement page?  What do you do? the address on signture agreement page will be populated with your input.
So the signatory enters their CDX password the second time, not their net DMR password, correct First NetDMR password, then CDX password.  If you don't have a CDX account, only enter the NetDMR password.
What do we need to do to ensure proper transition? If you have a NetDMR account and no CDX account, you need to make sure that your NetDMR username meets CDX user ID requirements and that your email address is unique.  If you have a CDX account, you need to make sure  your NetDMR accounts First Name, Last Name, Username & Email match exactly as CDX user profile. You should've received an email from telling you exactly the issue with your account.  If you have your user discrepancies all resolved, anticipate on getting a CRK email on May 22 from
What does "finalize" your account mean? If you have a NetDMR account and no CDX account, you need to make sure that your NetDMR username meets CDX user ID requirements and that your email address is unique.  If you have a CDX account, you need to make sure  your NetDMR accounts First Name, Last Name, Username & Email match exactly as CDX user profile. You should've received an email from telling you exactly the issue with your account.  If you have your user discrepancies all resolved, anticipate on getting a CRK email on May 22 from
Am I still considered a permitee (signatory) if I am a consultant for the actual permitee? In NetDMR, if you are not a signatory, you will be migrated as permittee (no sig).  If you are a signatory, it will be migrated as permittee (signature).
What if I don't have a CDX account? I have a NetDMR account, but no CDX account. You need to have a CDX account. Your NetDMR account will be migrated to CDX.  Please make sure you know your password and secret questions.
If I don't have a CDX account, do I need to make one before the migration?  If so, what "Program Service" would I select in order to sign up for a CDX account? Not all.  You don't need to create a CDX account.  We will migrate your NetDMR account to the CDX.
when are we supposed to get the email from CRK? On Monday, 5/22.
resetting my DMR password is not working, what do I do now Please contact your regulatory authority to help you reset your password:
where is the place you get the presentation? there should be a control panel on the right of your screen. in the control pantel there is a "handout tab"
Will a signatory be required to sign every DMR? Correct.  Only Signatory can sign the DMRs.,Signing is same as business.  You are just entering NetDMR by log into CDX. NetDMR screens won't change
A month or two ago, I was asked to make the NetDMR and CDX passwords the same.  I should do nothing until getting the ERK email correct? Yes. You should have been provided with guidance to eliminate any discrepencies to ensure a smooth migration,If it's less than 90 days that you changed your NetDMR password to match your CDX, you should be all set and wait for your CRK email
Will I have to change my password every 60 days? After May 22, you have to change your password every 90 days in will ask you to reset password.
Will it be the same website that we use for NETDMR or new one it will be the same in addition to the new website
Same forms? yes, same forms
Will still submit the current forms as attachments during submission Sure.  You can attach file(s) to your DMR submission.
You said that if you already have a valid NetDMR ID and password then I am ready to work in DMR Yes.  You are set.,Not sure what you're referring to. But if you are an existing NetDMR account, and you have no user discrepancies (you should've received an email from with exact issue if you have any), please wait for the CRK email on May 22, so that we can move your NetDMR account to CDX
organizations have multiple addresses - as long as we find the right organization do we care about address? it is to requied to pick one.  
So once we are done will we have one password for CDX that we use for everything or will we have a CDX password and a NetDMR password for each instance 1 CDX password for all data systems. No more NetDMR password
If we have been awaiting permission on a permit, what role will I end up with - Permittee(no signature) but not active? If your SA has not been approved by 5/11, you will be migrated as permittee (no signature). 
When should we receive the CRK email? During the day on Moday, 5/22
You mentioned that if migration into CDX is not done by a certain date than you have to complete entire NetDMR paperwork signoff and transfer overe becomes more difficult. If we make transfer when receive email from CDX on 5/22 are we ok? Yes, you are good if you migrate on 5/22. CRK never expires, but we recommend doing migration as soon as possible
5/11/2017 Am I able to find out if the users on my permit have their accounts prepared to be migrated? I will ask somebody to contact you.  What is your email address?
If the due date for my DMR is invorrect do I contact the state about that or the CDX help desk? Contact your state
Has the user guide been updated to refelct the new processes?  In progess.
Are the security questions per person or are they tied to the original CDX account that was created? It is set by you.
Can the security questions entered into the CDX system be the same as the questions used in Net DMR? You can choose from what's available in the drop down menu.  I am not certain whether the same questions from NetDMR are available.  
Can we setup a CDX account now before the May 22 deadline? No. If you can afford to wait, please wait until after May 22 to create your new CDX account
Does the company name need in CDX have to match identical to the name in netDMR? You can add your  company's name to CDX.  
Will the netDMR application we currently thru Indiana be the same or will it change?   The login will be different.
Can we use the same username and password for both accounts? Your User ID will carry over and you cannot edit. Your password may be the same as long as it abides by CDX password rules
do the data provider and signatory both need cdx accounts? yes, they will each need their own individual account.  If they're in NetDMR now, they will be migrated.  If they do not have a NetDMR account yet, if possible, please wait and create the new CDX Account after May 22
Do we have to reset our password by end of business today, or is that just a recomendaation? It is HIGHLY recommended.
Just to confirm, we can still sign and submit DMRs until the 22nd? no.  Until May 19
Will I have a Seperate CDX Account in each State I operate? no.  You will have one CDX Account with access to multiple Program Services (Instance)
I am using NetDMR in 2 different States.  Will I have to do this per State/Account? all your accounts will be migrated.
Will I get 2 seperate emails for each account in each State i operate? You will receive 2 CRKs, if you have accounts in two diffierent States.
How can you find out if all the user names and emails match We  started the data analysis long time ago.
If you already have a CDX account then we already have had the signature thing done do we have to do it again In CDX you need to have one ESA and in NetDMR you have to have Subscriber Agreement (SA) for all permits.  You can't access your permit is your SAs have not been approved.,One ESA in CDX, and Subsciber Agreements for all permtis.
How can you tell if you already have CDX account? If you didn't get any outreach email so far, you will be okay.
How can you tell if you already have CDX account?

You don't need to have one.  If you didn't receive any outreach email from us,  it means you don't have it.
How do I know if I have a CDX account? Contact CDX Support
I am a permit administrator and my manager is the signatory - we will each receive a CRK email, correct ? Yes.
I am registered in the TEST NetDMR only. Will this apply to NetDMR too? No.  For NetDMR production you have to create a new account. 
I currently have an netdmr and a cdx account with the same username that will be migrated. I also have another netdmr account that has a separate email account. will that be migrated to the same cdx account or will I need to cdx accounts Please ensure your First Name, Last Name and email is also the same in your CDX account.  If you have another NetDMR account in a different Program Service/Instance then you can change that NetDMR's username same as your CDX user ID to migrate all your NetDMR accounts in to CDX
I have a CDX account but have not accessed it in 4 months. Has my password expired?  It is possible.
Do I need to reset the CDX password if it has expired before migration? Yes. Please reset your CDX password if it expired
I have a CDX password as well so what is this for in this initial process You'll be asked to enter your CDX password to complete NetDMR migration
Why did we jump through all the hoops a few months ago to link NetDMR to a CDX account if this seems to be taken care of now? We did not perform migration a few months ago. This is our only effort.
I have used CDX in the past to submit my 313 (Form R) Reports. Will that create a conflic with NeDMR. Please ensure that your NetDMR's First Name, Last Name, Username and Email match exactly as your CDX profile information.  You are then all set to migrate your NetDMR account to CDX
I joined the call a little late, when will we receive the email to start the migration process?  May 22
I tried to login to the CDX page using my netdrm account info and it told me there was no account info on record yet I can log in to NetDMR fine now.  Will the CRK email solve this problem? Yes.
Are the security questions on CDX the same as the ones on NetDMR? NO.
If I have a CDX account with a password do I still use my NET-DMR password for migration or do I use or i use my existing CDX password? On May 22, you will receive CRK email that will request dual login for authentication - first you have to enter your NetDMR password and then you will be asked your CDX password. Once migration is completed, you will be logging into CDX with your CDX password
If someone is leaving the role in NetDMR and does not want to migrate to CDX, do they need to take any action or just let the account close? Please ask your regulatory authority to lock your account.  If the user does not want to migrate and receives CRK email, the user can ignore the CRK email
If there is more then one user, Do they just need to create a cdx login? After migration or does it migrate all the users will migrate all users
If you have multipule signatories, you would only need to submit one user agreement for the facility?  No, all need to request signatory access.  Same as current NetDMR.
In Net DMR, client is listed as organization name in consultant's Data Provider account. What issues will that cause in migration when organization, which will be self-employer, must be added & selected? No effect on migration.
My facility permit was recently updated with new permit#.  1) Will my account associated with old # be updated with new #? 2) While logging on last night to netDMR to confirm password..I was unable to access either permit #.  Will CDX make this conversion and reconize or should I go thorugh CDPHE? Please contact your state/region
My job title has changed twice and I have no idea what I originally placed in my CDX account.  I already have aCDX account for other EPA  Just enter your current Job Title.
What do you mean "be late"?  I shouldn't have to submit any benchmark monitoring because I submitted another NOI to discontinue monitoring since we met all monitoring requirements and can discontinue.  Yet Net DMR indictes that I need to submit data? Not familiar with your permit.  Please contact your state/region.
I submitted an NOI to discontinue quarterly benchmark monitoring because we complied with the requirements and after 4 DMR submissions below limits, we can stop benchmark quarterly testing.  When I went into NetDMR to change my password yesterday, continued quarterly monitored indicates that it continues becuase we need to submit data by 5/17.  Will all the incorrect information (continued monitoring) be moved to CDX?  How do I resolve.  Please contact your state/region 
my signatory status is currently pending. Will this affect migration? YES.  Please contact your state/region.  If they don't approve it by today, then in CDX, you need to request it again.
My understanding is that approvers that already have approval rights in NetDMR will still have to get authorization as an approver once migrated over to CDX If your access had been approved in the NetDMR, you don't need to do anything.  If you are a signatory, you just need to agree to a CDX ESA.
My understanding is that my NetDMR UserID, password and all my security questions will be migrated over to CDX. Is this correct? yes.
My understanding is that my NetDMR UserID, password and all my security questions will be migrated over to CDX. Is this correct? Your user profile will be migrated.  Your pass should follow CDX requirement, and need to set the secret questions.  Eddie is talking about it now.
Over the years, my organization has been entered in CDX with various versions of the name and address.  How can I tell which one I should choose?  Can they all be combined into one? No, CDX doesn't allow it.
We have multiple signature users, if i understand correctly, only 1 of us has to perform the migration, but with migrate all users?  is that correct?  Thank you no, each user will migrate individually.
what is an instance? State Agency or EPA region
is the CDX password? CDX Password is for CDX accounts. Some users already have a CDX account and CDX password. Some users do not. CDX password will be established during migration process
do you have to have multiple addressed? no, you can have the same one
my organization might have DMRs in many states we can all use the same address or should they be different? you can have multiple address
I didn't see your answer to this -- what other EPA programs might my company president have established a CDX account for -- she might not recognize the name CDX NeT; SSTS; LEAD; and dozens others. To see a list, go to and click on Create New Account. You'll see a catalog of available EPA systems that use CDX
where would we see which program services is covered.  I will need to explain that to my boss in case he already has a cdx account. once you're in CDX, every Program Service available to you will be shown in the Homepage
But does the phone number need to be consisent with what ever you gave for the organization no. it does not
is the phone number critical.  I don't remember the phone number I used when I signed up for Net DMR It is not critical but you can look up your account information in the "My Account" section once you log into NetDMR.
what happens if one of my signatory already has a cdx account? Make sure the name, email and user id is the same in both
What will happen if DMRs are recorded after 5/19? DMRs can still be signed and submitted after 5/22 the same way it is done now. CDX is just the login portion, NetDMR screens for submitting DMRs will remain the same
When does the CRK email get sent? Will we know we're safe before tomorrow? 5/22
What is the difference between official CORs as stored on CDX vs. the CORs that we can access via NetDMR? Would they ever be different? I understand that historical CORs will only be on NetDMR, not CDX, but moving forward...? COR is the same.  Only it is stored in diffierent location.
Can those support contacts help us resolve user ID/email discrepancies?  Yes.
When is the last date to login via NetDMR and enter data or submit DMRs? 5/19
When signing your DMR's in NetDmr do you use your NetDmr password or CDX password After you migrated, there is no NetDMR password,  You logon and sign with your CDX password
When someone changes their role, does the Permit Administrator need to approve? No
Where does LexisNexis get its information on personal records? These records are received from various institutions - you would need to contact LexisNexis for more information
Why all the extra "security" features. Seems a little much, we enter a password and answer security questions just to get in, why go throught all that again just to sign a DMR? It is required for sign & submit.
Will all your roles in NET DMR be transferred over to CDX? No. Only User Type migrates to CDX. Roles stay the same in NetDMR for NPDES IDs.
Will the CRK email go to only the signatory, or everyone associated with the account? All users will be migrated.
Will this migrate to my existing CDX account or is thie a new account? it will be to your existing CDX Account
The signatory is for Net DMR only.  The roles in other accounts don't apply to netDMR  Correct? Correct. 
will we need to get new cdx password every so often as we did in the past? I believe I have had three different passwords within a year time, will that continue? Yes, expired every 90 days.
Your graph lists only view as the role for Data Provider. Wouldn't they be able to edit? Do we want our labs to be Permittee (no signature) or Data Provider? Labs will be Data Providers.  Data providers can view and edit.
When someone requests a new role does the permit administrator need to approve? Roles within NetDMR are as they always have been. Permit Admins will need to approve requests to NPDES IDs. What Jake is talking about is change to CDX Role
Why are they changing the signing of DMR to 2-step, password and then security question. It is a lot easier how it is where you enter security and password on one screen. CDX requirements.
When you go to the NetDMR site after May 22 will it automatically route you to the CDX login? Yes
How long does the DMR signing process take? If we end up signing DMRs the day they are due, will the be through the process in time? Or could this cause a late submission? The receive date is a system generated based on when you sign the DMR.  The process is the same, no changes.  Just make sure not be late.
For new CDX users signing up after May 22, do they go to the same NetDMR website? Or is there a new url? I will talk about that in a little but yes you can use the same URL
Will you not be able to have the signatory role until you have completed all SAs? correct.  Your state/region has to approve your SA
If you find past DMRs that were submitted previously, but you want to correct will you have access to do so on CDX? Sure.  You are accessing the NetDMR by logging to CDX.  Eddie is just addressing this.
If we have not filled out subscriber agreements before, will we have to do them on NetDMR in addition to the  CDX - ESA?  Yes.  Permit authorization is at the NetDMR, you need to request access for your permit
I have one state where I have completed all subscriber agreements, and one state where I just set it up and have not. Will I just have to do the one CDX ESA for both states? Or will I need to do subscriber agreements for each permit for the state that I haven't done them for? in state you completed all, you will be migrated, just need to agree a new CDX ESA.  done.  In state you are not requestes access for your permit, after migration, in CDX,  you need to request access for your permit
If we have not filled out subscriber agreements for each permit, will we have to do one for each under CDX, or just the one CDX ESA? On CDX ESA and request access for each permits to get the SAs.
Kentucky DMRs are due monthly on the 28th. If data is entered for those DMRs prior to the 22nd will it be migrated? Will we be able to submit them after the 22nd? Yes.
Kentucky DMRs are due monthly on the 28th. If data is entered for those DMRs prior to the 22nd will it be bigrated? Will we be able to submit this data after the 22nd? Sure.  Make sure to be migrated first.  Recommend to do it before 5/22.
If we have already filled out subscriber agreements for each permit, will we have to do all of them again for each permit under CDX? No.  You just need to agree to one CDX ESA.
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