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How to Add the NetDMR Program Service to your existing CDX Account

Alternatively, you could also access CDX directly at

  • Log in with your CDX User ID and Password
  • On the MyCDX Landing Page, click the Add Program Service button
  • Select NetDMR: Network Discharge Monitoring Report from the list of Program Services Categories
  • Select your respective Regulatory Authority from the list of available NetDMR Program Services
  • Select your Role (You can only have one Role assigned to your CDX account)
    • Permittee (signature) – NetDMR user at Facility that can create, enter, sign, and submit DMR form data
    • Permittee (no signature) - NetDMR user at Facility that can create, enter DMR form data, or perform Permit Administrative duties. Permittee (no signature) users cannot sign or submit DMR forms
    • Data Provider - Contractors and Labs who collect and enter DMR data on behalf of a Facility
    • Internal User – State or EPA personnel who need to perform NetDMR administrative duties as a Regulatory Authority (RA)
  • Select your Organization from the drop-down menu – Or Request to Add your Organization if one doesn’t already exist in the system
  • Click Submit Request for Access


At this point, Permittee (no signature), Data Providers, and Internal Users are finished. The NetDMR Program Service has been added to your account. Permittee (signature) will need to continue to authenticate their account

FOR Permittee (signature) ONLY:

  • Type your Job Title
  • Select and answer five (5) security questions. Click Save Answers

Note: If you have not previously signed a CDX Subscriber Agreement, you will be prompted to use LexisNexis for authentication before moving onto the next step.

  • Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA). Click Sign Electronically. Or PRINT to submit paper ESA. Click Accept
  • Enter your CDX password. Click Login
  • Answer the Security Question. Click Answer
  • Click Sign
  • You have completed the registration process and will be returned to the MyCDX Landing Page

The NetDMR Program Service has been added to your MyCDX account.


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