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  • Will DMRs previously submitted to TCEQ’s NetDMR be transitioned over to EPA’s CDX?
    • No, the DMR electronic Copy of Record (CORs) will not transition to EPA’s NetDMR.  CORs will still be accessible by TCEQ Staff, and may be requested through .  External users will not be able to access the CORs that were previously submitted in the Texas instance of NetDMR, however the self-reported data will be accessible through EPA’s ECHO database located at . Users will be sent additional information in coming months on how to prepare and access information after the migration.  


  • Is TCEQ working with EPA to ensure that all parameters required to be monitored will be available in EPA’s CDX?
    • EPA and TCEQ will be diligently working together and testing prior to migration to ensure a smooth and accurate transition of data. TCEQ will continue to monitor self-reported data.   


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