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Migration FAQs

  1. How do I get help with NetDMR issues?


  1. What if I can’t log in to NetDMR after March 26 to migrate?


  1. I’m trying to migrate with my Customer Retrieval Link (CRK) but it’s not working. What do I do? 


  1. After March 26 at 1:00 pm CST, I’m in TCEQ NetDMR trying to migrate but I don’t have a CRK link. What do I do?


  1. Can I access the blank February DMRs after I migrate in March? 
  • Yes – you will be able to access your blank February DMRs in EPA National NetDMR after you migrate, but you will need to contact TCEQ first.  RA will then request an ESDF for Feb. 



  1. Am I able to upload large amounts of data from a spreadsheet into EPA National NetDMR?


  1. May I pull up older blank DMRs to make corrections to data submitted prior to migration?
  • Yes – you must first contact the TCEQ NetDMR Helpline at or 512-239-eDMR and request to make those older forms available for data entry. Please note that the received date will change, and the facility may be subject to violation.  Please note: if you make edits to one or more parameters on a DMR that was previously submitted through TCEQ NetDMR, all the data will need to be reentered in EPA NetDMR.    


  1. Will I have access to the DMR copies of records (CORs) submitted in the TCEQ NetDMR system?



  1. What if I don’t have paper copies of my DMRs on site and have an inspection?
  • Facilities are not required to print out and save or retain paper copies onsite. CORs will still be accessible by TCEQ Staff, and may be requested through the NetDMR Helpline; however, TCEQ Investigators will not be requesting paper copies of CORs and will be accessing your CORs independently.


  1. How often will we need to reset our password in EPA’s CDX?
  • You will need to update your password every 90 days in CDX.


  1. Do we still go into TCEQ NetDMR to enter the data?
  • If you go to your old bookmarked page you will find a link that directs you to the new log-in location. Please bookmark the new log in location URL:   


  1. Where can I get information on how to input data?
  1. I missed the training. Is there information on what to expect during migration?


  1. For users that manage multiple facilities, is an Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) required for each facility or is one ESA per CDX account sufficient?
  • If you already have signature authority for all of your facilities in TCEQ NetDMR, you only need to verify your CDX account once. Once migration is complete, you will have the ability to sign DMRs for all the same permits you did in TCEQ NetDMR. However, for any new facilities, you will need to submit an ESA (or paper Signature Agreement if preferred) for any new facilities for which you will sign DMRs. For a Permittee Signatory, during migration needs to verify/sign a new ESA without goring through Identity Proofing.


  1. I have an outfall with a parameter that is required to be reported only once per year. I have already submitted the data, even though it is not due until January of 2019. Will I need to resubmit this data in EPA National NetDMR after the migration?
  • All data previously submitted through TCEQ NetDMR will be retained.


  1. I have DMR's due on March 20th. Should I submit them before migration?
  • Yes, you should submit all DMRs that are due prior to migration if you are able. If you are not able to meet the deadline, then you will be allowed to submit them through EPA National NetDMR after you complete migration. There will not be any enforcement for late submittal of the February DMRs due to the migration.


  1. What is the URL access to the CDX?



  1. MUST we have all DMR's filled out in NetDMR by 9am on March 16th? Do we not have until the 20th as we normally would?
  • Yes, you have until 5:00 pm CST on March 23rd to submit your DMRs through TCEQ NetDMR. However, we highly encourage users to submit February DMRs as early as possible. If you are not able to meet the deadline, then you will be allowed to submit them through EPA National NetDMR after you complete migration in EPA National NetDMR and there will not be any enforcmenent for late submittal of the February DMRs due to the migration.


  1. What happens if I already have a CDX account?
  • As long as your username, email address, first and last name on your TCEQ NetDMR account and CDX accounts match exactly, your TCEQ NetDMR account will merge into your existing CDX account when you go through the CRK process.


  1. When you reset expired passwords in CDX, are you able to use old passwords?
  • No, you will not be able to use any of the last 10 passwords that are associated with the account.


  1. Will it be necessary to enter my social security number (SSN) when completing the User Information section of the registration process?
  • Not during the migration process. You will only be required to enter the last four digits of your SSN when requesting a new signature authorization through an Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA).


  1. Will it be possible to edit data in my TCEQ NetDMR account between March 16th- March 23rd?
  • No, you may not make any changes to your user profile or account information (including password changes), but you will be able to submit DMR data.


  1. Will the data previously reported through TCEQ NetDMR be available to view after the transition?


  1. Will we continue to login through the same website:
  • No, the new login location will change to If you visit to the old location, there will be a message directing you to the new login portal.  Please bookmark the new portal after migration. 


  1. Will we still be able to enter our results manually?
  • Yes, the methods for DMR data entry will not change.


  1. Can we migrate now and use CDX to do the March reports?
  • The Texas application of NetDMR will not be available in CDX until after 1:00pm CST on on March 26th. Starting March 26th you can login to TCEQ NetDMR to click the CRK link to migrate your NetDMR account to CDX.


  1. Can you set up a TCEQ NetDMR account at any time before March 16, 2018?
  • Yes, you can create a TCEQ NetDMR account any time before March 16th, 2018. However, you will need to request access to a permit ID before March 16th , otherwise your account will not be migrated.


  1. I received an email stating the following: "no modifications to your TCEQ NetDMR account are necessary in order to migrate your account to CDX." Does this mean that I will automatically be prompted to create an account in CDX when I sign in after March 23rd? Do I need to go ahead and create a CDX account? How should I proceed?
  • You don’t need to take any action right now. Do not create a new CDX account at this time. You will be prompted to go through the migration process starting March 26th when you login to TCEQ NetDMR.


  1. Will EPA National NetDMR work the same as TCEQ NetDMR?
  • Generally, yes – the two systems function in very similar ways. There are slight differences in the login, Subscriber Agreement (electronically vs paper) and the sign & submit functions.


  1. Will DMRs previously submitted to TCEQ’s NetDMR be transitioned over to EPA’s CDX?
  • No, the DMR electronic Copy of Record (CORs) will not transition to EPA’s NetDMR.CORs will still be accessible by TCEQ Staff, and may be requested through .  External users will not be able to access the CORs that were previously submitted in the Texas instance of NetDMR, however the self-reported data will be accessible through EPA’s ECHO database located at . Users will be sent additional information in coming months on how to prepare and access information after the migration.  


  1. Is TCEQ working with EPA to ensure that all parameters required to be monitored will be available in EPA’s CDX?
  • EPA and TCEQ will be diligently working together and testing prior to migration to ensure a smooth and accurate transition of data. TCEQ will continue to monitor self-reported data.   
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