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How do I change my role in CDX?



If your current role is Data Provider, but you want to change it to Permittee (no signature) so you can perform the Permit Administrator functions within NetDMR, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Click on "Manage Your Program Services"


2. Choose your Program Service


3.  Click on "Deactivate"


4. Confirm Deactivate



5. Confirm Role is Deactivated


6. Click on "Request New Role"


7.  Enter New Role and Click "Add Selected Role"



-If you are changing from Permittee (no signature) or Data Provider to a Permittee (signature) role, you WILL be required to authenticate and have an approved Signature Agreement on file.

-You may choose to submit the Signature Agreement electronically or submit via paper form

-Electronic submission of the Signature Agreement is approved immediately, while paper submissions will need to be approved by your Regulatory Authority






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