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What should a user do if they created a CDX account in response to the migration but then realized they received a CRK link?

  • If they created the CDX account using the same email as their NetDMR account, the CRK will not work. They will need to contact to get the email associated with a new CRK, then have the CRK re-sent to them.
  • If the user created an account with a CDX User ID that is different from their NetDMR User Name, they can deactivate the NetDMR role in the new CDX account and then go through CRK process if the link has not yet been used.
  • Another option, which is not advisable, is to disregard the CRK, continue with the CDX account set up, add the NetDMR Program Service, and re-submit all Signature and Subscriber Agreements again. 
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