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Questions from the May 25, 2017 Webinar - How to Create a CDX Account & Request Access to Permit ID

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Before the transition to CDX, in NetDMR my role is duly representatiive ( I can signed the DMR report in behalf of Permitee (usually the General Manager). But during the transition, when I went to complete the process this role did not appear.  Was this role deleted? As a DAR you will be a Permittee (signature)  but you must first consult with Responsible Official (RO) to determine if RO will sign Subscriber Agreement via electronic process or paper process.
How is the process when the company changes the responsible officer? Please contact your regulatory authority
How is the process when the permittee leaves the company? Please contact your regulatory authority to answer that question - different states/regions have their own preference:
Can we use the previous approval that was done originally? If you're creating a brand new account, that means you did not get migrated, which means you have to request access to all the permits and all other agreements
Coulnd a consulting firm be considered a Respondsible Official and sign on behalf of the facility?  Please contact your regulatory authority to answer that question:
Does RO have to have CDX account if he never signs net DMR reports? No. If RO wants to go through paper process, RO does not have to sign into CDX and create an account
does the CDX system provide the state agency contacts and addresses for paper submittals? The mailing address is on the subscriber agreement itself. If you do CDX ESA in paper, please contact your regulatory authority of where to mail:
How do we know know when the RA has approved a written submittal?   Do we check the system everyday? Your status will not say pending. Recommend contacting your RA
Can you enter a partial organization name and will the system still find your organization? yes. If you don't find it, you can always create a new organization - it does not affect NetDMR
is the CDX system ready for use after today's webinar? is available
Does the Regulatory Authority receive a notification that a request for access has been submitted or do we have to call them? Yes, the RA will receive an email
How long does it take to get your organization added? less than a minute
I already have a cdx account - do I have to re-establish it? You can 'add a program service' in CDX to add your NetDMR program service
I have a CDX account that was set up under another organization.  Can I use that account with my new organization or do I need to create a new account?  (Both organizations are subsidieries of a larger org) If you want to use your CDX account, then you can 'add a program service' and add your netdmr account
I have been authorized to submit DMRs from our CEO who signed the Subscriber Agreement.  Does the CEO need to Request Access for the Permit ID for any new permits issued BEFORE I can request access to that Permit ID?  I have had no success adding new permits to view in NetDMR. The signatory has to get access first. ,Please see this flowchart:
Is the Subscriber Agreement that one can submit electronically, different than the one we completed to authorize using NetDMR? Do not understand your question, does this help?

1- CDX Electronic Subscriber Agreement (ESA) – Identify Proofing (IP)  -You will approved a paper ESA in CDX.  

2- NetDMR Subscriber Agreement (SA) -  Permit authorization for a permit  -You will approve SA in the NetDMR
I have done this and all my stuff is still showing pending? Teri Bowman with ON Semiconductor. Done what? Have you done electronic CDX ESA or paper? If paper, you have to print and mail and Regulatory Authority will approve so that it's not pending
Yes they have been working on this for a couple of days and still can't figure it out. I'll report this to the contractor
I have requested access as permit admin, Edit, View and the RA is not getting the request to approve Who is your RA?
I have been working with EPA on figuring out why our site RA is not getting notification to approve me for our site and they haven't been able to figure it out as of yet. TB Who is your Regulatory Authority?
The Facility permit adim (RA) doesn't show anything in his queue to approve me. Teri Bowman That requires more investigating. Please contact your Regulatory Authority they can look through it carefully what happened.
if  you don't get electronic signature aproval and hav mail the signture agreement. How do you report your DMRs  If you go through paper signature, you must print and mail it to the agreement's mailing address. Once the Regualatory Authory receives your ink signature, then they can go to CDX and approve you.
If a permittee (signature) chooses paper ESA, can they not access their NetDMR to request access and submit a SA until the paper ESA is received by the RA and approved? (i.e. - can they not send in a paper ESA and a paper SA all at once)? No. You will have to have your ESA approved first.
If an RO never had a NetDMR account (say a mayor), will they have to create a CDX and a NetDMR account to approve the DAR (say a POTW superintendent)? If RO still prefers paper, then he doesn't have to create a CDX account
What if a DAR accidentally chooses the first radio buttion (as if they were an RO)?  Can they go back and fix it?  Also what if the DAR chooses paper SA and the RO chooses electronic - how can they remediate? It cannot be 'fixed'. Rather, you would scrap the original SA and Re-Request Access and submit a new SA. If RO chooses electronic, but DAR has already submitted paper, then either RO must sign paper, or DAR must resubmit SA electronically. The two methods cannot be mixed
If a permittee (signature) chooses ESA electronic, do they have to do an electronic SA as well, or can they do paper? They can do paper.
if I am signator for multiple sites (in same state), do I need to create account for each? If, so, thta requires a different username/password for each? No. You need to create one CDX account and you can add mulitple NetDMR program services (different states). Once you're in NetDMR, you can request for the same permits
a migration email was sent out recently (CRK); what was the sender email name?
If my identity proofing fails, can I retry it before I have to use the paper form? Yes. You can add a program service and select the role and trigger the identity proofing again
if my RO already has ESA for the TRI report through CDX do we need to do it again for Net DMR? Yes. NetDMR is a different program and need its own ESA. 
i though we were required to do electronic submittal in NetDMR.  how is paper still an option? :),Some are still doing paper
If the DAR role was already set up with the NetDMR - do we have to redo this approval again for the CDX? Depends if the DAR got migrated to CDX or not
I had a personal issue that required a few days off, but I was (I thought) staying on top of this issue. You also have a NAAS account - did you get an email from Lauren from CGI federal?   Please send me an email with your details. I have to look at your profile.
I thought the NetDMR informatoin was going to transfer. to the CDX.  I even logged in two weeks ago and re-validated my questions and password!  Am I going to have to start over? You should've received emails on resolving discrepancies to migrate successfully. What is your email/username - I can check
If the roles were established in NETDMR before migrating to CDX, do we need re-established the roles in CDX? Depends if the users got migrated or created a new account.
If we already had permit access through the old netDMR system will we need to submit new subscriber agreements? If you didn't get migrated, and creating a new account, you have to go through the whole process again.
If the signatory didn't get migrated but the data provider did will the data provider still have access to the permits or will they have to start over as well? Ideally, the signatory has to have access first to approve rest of the user.
In trying to sign onto NNetDMR from 2 different computers, I am getting ah encountered error showing a java exception from both computers. are you going to
Is it possible to change your Role after registering? Yes. Here is a set by set:
I've set up my role in CDX. How do I get to NetDMR from there? click on the role that should be hyper linked i.e. permittee (signature)
Must you Create a new Account to add a different Service or can you do it through the "Add service" within your exisiting (mergered) account (MyCDX page)? Marsha, if you have a CDX account, you can also add the NetDMR program service into your CDX account 
States & R4 assign different Permit IDs to each facility, does this mean s Signatory have to fill out a different ESA for each facility? An ESA has to be submitted for each Program Service. If the State is a different Program Service than R4, then yes, two ESA are required.
If you need a new ESA for each Service (for a migrated account with approval for a different service), will you receive an email prompting access to an ESA (electronic or paper)? You should go through the CDX ESA process right there when you assign your role .
so can a DAR do electronic signature approval in CDX but do paper in NETDMR? No - if its paper, it has to be paper all the way. If electronic, electronic all the way
@ erroneous SA, if a DAR does their SA elecrronically but then finds out the RO does not want to do it electronically, can you cancel the electronic SA so a paper can be done Yes, electronic can be canceled and paper submitted
who would and how would you cancel an erroneous  NetDMR SA This would indicate you applied for the wrong role for the Permit ID. Just ignore the SA and reapply under the new (correct) Role
how would it be cancelled? Electronic SA would be denied. User would re-request access to the Permit ID as Signatory, but choose paper option
what if a DAR goes through to the point of an electronic SA in NETDMR but then finds out the RO does not want to do electroinic is there any way to deny that inital one Once paper, has to be paper all the way. Once electronic, has to be electronic all the way. You would have to cancel other request and start from scratch
the presentation showed a CDX user that did an ESA had the choice of electronic or paper SA in NetDMR, is that not correct? This is correct.  You still have the option to sign via paper.
so what should the states do with paper copies of the NPDES e-ReportingTool Electronic Signature Agreement I do not understand the question. 1- CDX Electronic Subscriber Agreement (ESA) – Identify Proofing (IP) - You will approved a paper ESA in CDX.  

2-NetDMR Subscriber Agreement (SA) -  Permit authorization for a permit  -You will approve SA in the NetDMR
So, our company was successfully reporting through NetDMR.  We recieved the initial instructions indicating formatting username, ect. in preparation for the CDX transition.  Does everyone have to create a new account in CDX?  I was under the impression that all of this information was migrated and we used the information established previously to access the system (NetDMR) in CDX.   If you get migrated, you don't have to create an account. If your account had no discrepancy, then you would've received a CRK email from We have 90% netdmr users migrated by receiving CRK email. Those users would have previous permit access etc in NetDMR. This webianr for those who didn't get migrated.  
Is this presentation recorded or will it otherwise be available to us for future reference? Yes, this presentation is being recorded and will be up on NetDMR zendesk in a few days. 
Thanks for clearly identifying the webinar - my migration for my account went as planned and I am all set. will you be doing another webinar in future on the data entry and submission? please look at our NetDMR support portal for future training:
What if multiple user IDs appear for your organization? How can you confirm which is the correct one?  Choose one organization or create a new orgnaization - organization is just an association with CDX. It won't affect anything in NetDMR
If the merge was successful the responsible officicals and duly authorized representatives, will  they have to complete theSUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT?
No. They should be all set - they can check by logging in.
If the merge was successful the responsible officicals and duly authorized representatives will not have to complete the subscriber agreement correct? If both RO and DAR were migrated officially, they are all set to approve users
But they are fine to approve via paper?  Yes.
Those flow charts don't really answer my question. MY responsible official has a NetDMR account. They have not yet completed the CDX merge process. Will I be able to register a duly authorized representative before the responsible official completes the merge You can register now, but if RO wants to do it electronically, then RO must migrate first to CDX to approve you
Would your responsible official have to complete the CDX merge process before you can add new signatories? If you choose paper process, ROs don't have to create an account in CDX. Please see this:,Hree's all the flowcharts for this:
If you submitted a subscriber agreement in netDMR previously, but your account didn't merge for whatever reason will they have to resubmit a subscriber agreement Yes. New account - have to go through it again
When attempting Lexis Nexis, how many attempts are allowed before you must file paper? 3
What is an RA to do with email notifications that a specific person has requested electronic submissions of the Subscriber Agreement? RAs should only approve users if they receive Paper agreements (ink signature) - they would go to CDX, change 'Not Set' to 'Signature' for the user to approve.
Where does it tell the permittee to print out the ESA and mail it in to the regulatory agency 1- CDX Electronic Subscriber Agreement (ESA) – Identify Proofing (IP)      ç============You will approved a paper ESA in CDX.  

2- NetDMR Subscriber Agreement (SA) -  Permit authorization for a permit  ç============You will approve SA in the NetDMR

,1-CDX Electronic Subscriber Agreement (ESA) – Identify Proofing (IP)  -You will approved a paper ESA in CDX.  

2-NetDMR Subscriber Agreement (SA) -  Permit authorization for a permit  -You will approve SA in the NetDMR

,Neil, the permittee sees the mail in the agreement and there is a print button if you choose to go via paper process.
When the DAR signs the SA will a copy be sent to the RO in NetDMR or to their email address.  Where does RO sign, is it under MY Account RO receives email. They sign under My Account
When a duly authorized representative submits an electronic ESA who does it go to and does it require approval by someone.  Can you please discuss with audience It goes to the responsible official. This webinar is only for creating a new account. Please contact your regulatory authority for this answer:
Will we get a copy of this slide show for future reference? yes - you can click on the right side to download the PPT
Will you put instructions in the handouts as well? What instructions are you referring to? We have a NetDMR Support Portal for useful resources like video tutorials and other useful documents regarding CDX migration:
During the migration webinar, there were written instructions porvided in the handouts, my question is will there be instructions for this new account set up put in the handouts? We do have a short video tutorial on how to create an account: ,Also, here's a detailed written instructions on how to create an account: 
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