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I am Regulatory Authority (RA) and I have received some paper NetDMR subscriber agreements that are signed by a Duly Authorized Representative (DAR) as if they were a Responsible Officials (RO). How do they correct this?

If an RA received Subscriber Agreement (SA) with inaccurate information (paper or electronic), the RA can deny the request for Signatory access in NetDMR and ask the DAR to create a new SA with the correct information by following these steps:


  1. Login to CDX then continue to NetDMR;
  2. Request the Permit Signatory role again by going to “Request Access”;
  3. On the “Additional Information Required screen”, select radio button, “I am authorized by the person below who does have the authority to enter into this Agreement for the Permittee under the applicable standards”;
  4. Enter the RO’s information and click “Submit”;
  5. Click “Sign via Paper” or “Sign Electronically” and finish signing;
    • When “Sign via Paper” is selected:
      • The RA will receive an email notification about the Pending Signatory access.
      • The DAR should print the Subscriber Agreement (SA), sign it, get the RO’s signature in wet-ink, and mail the agreement to the RA (address provided on the SA).
      • After the RA receives the paper copy of the SA, he or she will Approve/Deny the signatory access request in NetDMR.
    • When “Sign Electronically” is selected:
      • The RO will receive an email notifying them that a SA is awaiting their signature.
      • After the RO signs the SA, the RA will receive an email notification about the pending SA request.
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