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How to avoid Non-receipt notifications for Terminated Permits?

RAs need manually request Empty Slot Data Flow (ESDF) to remove extra DMRs in the NetDMR

We are discussing internally to find a solution to make sure NetDMR is in sync with ICIS, this will eliminate the manual ESDF.



This permit is 10 year permit (Individual State Issued Permit (Non-NPDES)), expected DMRs generated were only for five years. The permit was originally entered for five years and then HQ extended the expiration date at the request of the state.  When the expiration date was changed, the state did not force the expected DMRs to be extended to the permit expiration date.  EPA HQ can only extend the expiration date and not the expected DMRs.  The states must do this.  All the limits end dates are extended, but not limit set.

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