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What does it mean when the status is “Processed for Signing?”

When a user initiates the Sign and Submit, they will be prompted for a password and presented with one of their CDX security questions (retrieved from CDX). 

Once the user’s password and answer to the security question have been verified using the web services with CDX, an asynchronous process will be kicked off to sign the DMR(s) using the CDX signing service.  The user will be taken to a screen informing them that the signing is being processed. The DMR will stay in the “Processed for Signing” status until the signing process is completed (successfully or not). 

This status is not an indication of a problem.

When all DMRs selected by the user have been processed (successfully or not), the user will be notified via email.  For any DMRs that were not successfully signed, the user will need to manually retry the sign and submit.  Once DMRs have been successfully signed, the data will be submitted to ICIS via EDT transactions, as it currently is with the existing functionality.

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