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Types of User Roles

The ability to view and modify data within NetDMR is controlled by the organization a User is affiliated with (a facility, a laboratory, contractor, a state, an EPA region, or EPA headquarters) and the roles a User can be assigned. 

The four different types of Users are as follow:


  • Internal Users (EPA & State Regulatory Authority)
  • Permittees
    • Permittee (signature)
    • Permittee (no signature)
  • Data Providers (Contractors and Labs)


User Term



Internal User

This is for State/EPA Agency personnel only

 A Regulatory Authority staff member with a NetDMR account.  Only role able to approve other signatory roles.

Permittee (signature)

If you work for the company AND will Sign/Submit DMRs

A person authorized to sign, view, edit and submit DMRs for a specific permit.

Permittee (no signature)

If you work for the company but will NOT Sign/Submit DMRs

Can view, enter and upload DMRs into NetDMR, edit CORs, and approve requests from Data Provider.

Data Provider

Lab, Contractor, or 3rd Party Affiliate

Allowed to view, enter and import DMRs into NetDMR and edit CORs but they cannot sign and submit forms.

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