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September 2017- System Updates


  • The CORs generated after NetDMR v4.1.4 will contain both the name of the user who last saved the DMR and the name of the signatory who last signed the DMR.
  • The CORs generated prior to NetDMR v4.1.4 will contain the user who last saved the DMR but the name of the signatory will be blank.


Request Signatory Access

  • The Request Access to Permits and Associated DMRs signatory process has been simplified to reduce confusion and to simplify the process.
  • Sign via Paper process has been updated so a pop-up of the subscriber agreements is displayed right away for the user to print. The confirmation message is updated with more details.
  • Sign Electronically process has been updated so the confirmation message contains more details and the subscriber agreement is displayed on the same screen as the sign button.

Summary of Notices of Non-Receipt Spreadsheet

  • A spreadsheet containing the monthly summary of the nightly Notices of Non-Receipt will be sent to Regulatory Authorities on the first of each month for nightly notices sent from the previous month. The spreadsheet will display the overdue DMRs information such as: DMR Due Date and the number of days that the DMR was overdue (7, 14 or 21); date the Notice of Non-Receipt email was sent; and a list of all permittees and Regulatory Authorities that received the nightly overdue emails.
  • Notices of Non-Receipt spreadsheet will include the following columns:
    • NPDES ID
    • Facility Name
    • Permitted Feature – Designator
    • Monitoring Period End Date
    • DMR Due Date
    • Days Overdue
    • Date Email Sent
    • List of Recipients' Email Addresses
    • Grouped / Sorted by: 
      • DMR Keys (NPDES ID, Permitted Feature, Designator, Monitoring Period End Date)
      • DMR Due Date
      • Days Overdue (7 Days, 14 Days, 21 Days)
    • If the spreadsheet file is too large (19 MB or greater) for a specific month, it will not be sent to the Regulatory Authorities. In place of that, an e-mail will be sent to the Regulatory Authorities notifying them of the inability to send the large file and to contact to request the Notices of Non-Receipts data.

URLs in E-mails sent from NetDMR

  • E-mails that contain website addresses for different NetDMR sites have been updated to be linked to either NetDMR Test or NetDMR Production based on which site the user was working in when the e-mail was initiated.
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