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CROMERR Submission Information and Guidelines for State Partners

EPA’s Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR) provides the legal framework for electronic reporting under EPA’s regulatory programs. The rule establishes technology-neutral, performance-based standards for information systems that receive reports and other documents electronically under their EPA-authorized programs.

To use National NetDMR, states must apply for and receive CROMERR approval. EPA Regions are approved to use NetDMR. 

Instructions for preparing a CROMERR application for NetDMR

NetDMR applications must include a CROMERR application "cover sheet" information, and may also include two additional components:

CROMERR application “cover sheet” information

May be required:
1. Attorney General (AG) certification – required if a state is determined not to have a broadly applicable legal certification on file with the CROMERR program.
2. NetDMR electronic signature agreement state-specific legal terms – If a state added its own legal terms to this document, these additional legal terms should be provided for review.

Further information about how to apply, application forms and templates as well as guidance for CROMERR AG certifications and states’ AG certification status are located on the CROMERR website.

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