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NetDMR Contacts: Regions and States

NetDMR is available to EPA Regions and selected States, Tribes, and Territories. Most EPA Regions and many States are currently utilizing NetDMR. Additional States, Tribes, and Territories may adopt Network Discharge Monitoring Report (NetDMR) and enable their regulated NPDES facilities to begin utilizing the electronic reporting tool. If you are a NPDES permittee, please contact your State or Regional NetDMR lead to receive additional information on NetDMR and how to get started. 

EPA Region or State

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NetDMR Lead Contacts

EPA Region 01 - NH-MA Neil Handler ([email protected]), 617-918-1334
EPA Region 02 - Salamanca - PR - SR Nestor Louis ([email protected])
EPA Region 03 - DC Clarissa Poole (Poole.Cl[email protected]), 215-814-5758
EPA Region 04 Yvonne Moore ([email protected]),404-562-8131
EPA Region 05 James Coleman ([email protected]), 312-886-0148
EPA Region 06 - AR - GM - LA - NM - TX Helen Nguyen ([email protected])
EPA Region 07 Neal Gilbert ([email protected]), 913-551-7985
EPA Region 08 - CO - MT - ND - SD - UT - WY John Mackey ([email protected]), 303-312-6056
EPA Region 09 – AZ-CA-GU-MW-NN-AS-MP Sandra Chew ([email protected]), 415-972-3335
EPA Region 10 - Alaska - ID - Oregon - Washington

Jason Rodriguez, 206-553-8508
([email protected])


Lisa Hart ([email protected]), 907-376-1872

Arkansas David Ramsey ([email protected]), 501-682-0615
Colorado NetDMR Help Team ([email protected]), 303-691-4046
Connecticut Suzette Flecha ([email protected]), 860-424-3809
Georgia Noel DoHarris ([email protected]), 404-656-5261
Hawaii Scott Miyashiro ([email protected])
Idaho DEQ

Idaho Customer Helpdesk ([email protected]), 1-833-473-3724

Illinois Cathy Siders ([email protected]), 217-782-9720
Indiana Rose McDaniel ([email protected]), 317-233-2653

Crystal Dennis ([email protected]), 502-782-7093

Louisiana Christine Mayeux ([email protected])
Maine Judy Bruenjes ([email protected]), 207-287-7806
Maryland William Lee ([email protected]), 410-537-3514
Mississippi Annette Brocks ([email protected])
Montana Lisa Tucker  ([email protected]), 406-444-5388
Nebraska Alan Aanerud  ([email protected]), 402-471-4370
New York Chris Birr ([email protected]), 518-402-8170
Oregon OR NetDMR Support Desk ([email protected]), 503-229-6400
Rhode Island

Crystal Charbonneau, [email protected], 401-222-4700 xt7221

South Dakota Tim Flor ([email protected]), 605-773-3351
Tennessee Sarah Elias ([email protected]), 615-532-0683
Texas - TCEQ

NetDMR Helpline ([email protected]), 512-239-3367


Matthew Garn ([email protected]), 801-536-4381 
Monique Bridges ([email protected]), 801-536-4319 
([email protected])

Virgin Islands

 Benjamin Keularts, [email protected]  (340-773-1082)


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