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EPA Region 1 NetDMR Information

NetDMR in New England

What is NetDMR?

NetDMR is a freely available Web based tool that allows National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permittees to electronically sign and submit their discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) to EPA via a secure internet connection. NetDMR is designed to improve data quality, save paper, and provide cost savings for permittees and regulators. An essential component of NetDMR is the exchange of data that allows permittees to complete a DMR that is specific to their permit limits and outfalls which then gets directly transferred electronically to EPA’s data exchange network (ICIS-NPDES) upon submittal.

Who Can Report?

NPDES permittees that are required to submit DMRs as a result of a NPDES permit issued to a facility in New Hampshire and Massachusetts can use NetDMR to submit their DMRs electronically to EPA Region 1, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Permittees must receive the appropriate training before requesting and receiving permission from EPA Region 1 to use NetDMR. Once approved, a facility in New Hampshire and Massachusetts may begin submitting their DMRs electronically to EPA Region 1. EPA Region 1 has included language in all new NPDES permits issued in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts since early 2010 which requires the use of NetDMR.

Connecticut is also implementing its own electronic reporting program and facilities in CT should contact Suzette Flecha ( for more information. Rhode Island has recently been authorized to start implementing NetDMR and will begin a phased rollout of NetDMR in 2014. Rhode Island will contact each facility that’s required to submit DMRs directly as part of its phased rollout of NetDMR. Questions regarding NetDMR in RI should be directed to Aaron Mello (

Permittees in Maine and Vermont are not currently eligible to use NetDMR.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Go to the NetDMR national support site to learn more about NetDMR and to see whether your permit is available for reporting in NetDMR.
  • Determine if you can meet NetDMR system requirements.
  • Contact EPA Region 1 to sign up for NetDMR training. 
  • After completing the NetDMR training, set up and register for your NetDMR account.
  • Begin submitting your DMRs electronically through NetDMR.

NetDMR: Guidance

EPA Region 1 has prepared quick reference guides to help permittees better understand components of the NetDMR process.

General Information Brochure on NetDMR (PDF) (2 pp, 223 K, about PDF)

Creating an Account and Requesting Access to a Permit Using NetDMR (PDF) (18 pp, 954 K, about PDF)

Downloading a Copy of Record (COR) and Attachments Using NetDMR (PDF) (8 pp, 1.3 MB, about PDF)

In addition, the national support site for NetDMR contains other basic information on NetDMR such as the NetDMR National Installation Permittee and Data Provider User Guide (PDF) (152 pp, 3.0 MB, about PDF). This document includes more information on how to set up a NetDMR account, enter data, and view data already entered.


NetDMR: Training

EPA Region 1 is sponsoring an in-person NetDMR training session for Permittees and Data Providers on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 (9:00 am to 1:00 pm) at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Offices in Concord, NH (NH DES is located at 29 Hazen Drive). The class is geared primarily for those individuals designated by the permittee as the "signatory authority," the permit administrator, or those entering or editing DMRs. Training is needed before a facility can begin using NetDMR. If you are interested in attending the NetDMR training session, please send an email to with your contact information (i.e., name, address, facility name, facility NPDES number, facility address, and telephone number). The training is free and individuals completing the classroom training can receive training contact hour credits in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for their Wastewater or Water Certification License Renewals (CEUs will only be granted to students taking the training for the first time or to those students who have not received credit for attending previous training).

We plan to schedule additional regional NetDMR training in the future, so if you cannot make this session but may be interested in taking the training in a class room setting in either NH or MA in the future, or if you have any questions in general about NetDMR, please contact EPA also has online training modules which can be accessed at: Completion of the online training modules will also satisfy EPA Region 1's NetDMR training requirements.

In the meantime, you can go to the following link to learn more about NetDMR: on the For Permittees page in the NetDMR national website, scroll down to the NetDMR National Installation Permittee and Data Provider User Guide (PDF) (152 pp, 3.0 MB, about PDF). This implementation guide contains a lot of information including how to set up a NetDMR account, enter data, and view the data already entered. Please also visit this EPA Region 1 NetDMR page for other useful information.

Please check this website for regular updates on the schedule for web-based or in-person NetDMR training.


NetDMR: Contacts

If you have any questions about NetDMR, please feel free to contact any one of the individuals identified below or send an email to

EPA Region 1

Diane Boisclair ( – All New Hampshire NPDES Permits and Massachusetts Western and Northeast Region's Individual Permits

Marie McDonald ( – Massachusetts Central and Southeast Region' Individual NPDES Permits and all Massachusetts General Permits

Neil Handler (

Ed Kim (


David Ferris (


Tracy Wood (


Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, & 10 Tribal Nations 



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