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ICIS Data Access

When should the Regulatory Authority (RA) use ICIS Data Access?

The NetDMR Test application uses the ICIS Stage environment.  The data in this environment may not have the most recent ICIS Production data.  In order to update your data in NetDMR Test, RAs can use ICIS Data Access to retrieve data from ICIS Stage that RAs need to keep to continue their testing after the refresh.


Why should the RA use ICIS Data Access?

1. To see new/updated permit data on NetDMR Test application

2. To preserve any ongoing testing permittees have done on their permits on NetDMR Test application after the refresh


What steps should the RA take?

The diagram above illustrates the steps below:

1. Wait for EPA's alert on when the ICIS Stage refresh will occur.

2. RA uses ICIS Data Access dataflow to retrieve their data on ICIS Stage (i.e. Basic Permit, Permitted feature, Limit Set, Parameter Limit)

3. EPA refreshes ICIS Stage Environment with ICIS Production

4. RA uses ICIS-NPDES dataflow to submit their data back into ICIS Stage, restoring them

5. NetDMR Test Environment is now ready to test new/updated permits as well as any ongoing testing from the restored data done by permittees before the refresh




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