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For additional information, here are the ICIS-related acronyms: 


Acronym Definition
AG Attorney General
BPDF Basic Permit Data Flow (see data flow schedule)
CDX Central Data Exchange (
COR Copy of Record, a legally enforceable copy of a DMR submission. A copy of record includes:
(1) All electronic signatures contained in or logically associated with that document;
(2) The date and time of receipt; and
(3) Any other information used to record the meaning of the document or the circumstances of its receipt.All DMRs signed and submitted to ICIS from NetDMR become the “Copy of Record”.
CRK Customer Retrieval Key
CROMERR Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation (
DAR Duly Authorized Representative
Data Provider A Data Provider is a lab, consulting firm or other business that has been hired by a permitted facility to enter or view Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) on behalf of that facility. Data Provider staff are allowed to view, enter and import DMRs into NetDMR and edit CORs but they cannot sign and submit DMRs to ICIS. Only a permittee with the Signatory role can do this. 
DMR A DMR is a Discharge Monitoring Report. A common requirement of a NPDES permit is regular self-monitoring of permitted parameters, typically monthly. The results of this regular self-monitoring are submitted to the regulating agency on a DMR form.
ECOS Environmental Council of States (
eDMR Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report
EMDF Error Message Data Flow
EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
ESDF Empty Slot Data Flow (see data flow schedule)
External User An External User is a Permittee or Data Provider staff member with a NetDMR account.
ICIS Integrated Compliance Information System
ICIS-NPDES Integrated Compliance Information System–National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, a Web-based system that enables individuals from states and EPA to access integrated enforcement and compliance and NPDES data from any desktop connected to the Internet (
Instance A customized version of NetDMR, specific to a Regulatory Authority, such as a state regulating agency or EPA Region. A NetDMR instance is contained within a NetDMR installation.
Internal User An Internal User is a Regulatory Authority staff member with a NetDMR account
Limited RMAM access States Regulatory Authority are given limited RMAM (Registration Maintenance Account Management).
MPED Monitoring Period End Date
NetDMR The National Installation of NetDMR is a web-based application that will allow National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permittees to electronically submit discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) to EPA’s data system for discharge information, the Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS)-NPDES database. NPDES permits are issued under the authority of the Clean Water Act.
NODI No Data Indicator (if there's no discharge, you have two forms to submit data in, Form NODI Template or Form DMR template)
Not Set Status Not Set Status in CDX means that the user either has not completed Lexis Nexis Identity Proofing successfully or their ESA has not been received and approved by the Help Desk.  As a RMAM, once the paper ESA is received, that dropdown can be used to mark the ESA as received
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (
NPDES permit NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permits are issued under the authority of the Clean Water Act and regulate discharges to the waterways of the United States. A state environmental agency, EPA Region, or EPA Headquarters may issue and/or manage NPDES permits. For more information about the NPDES program, visit
OECA U.S. EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (
OEI U.S. EPA’s Office of Environmental Information (
Paper Score Paper Score is an terminology used in CDX. It means how the user was identity proofed electronically.
Permit Administrator  A Permit Administrator is a Permittee staff member that approves or denies requests from Data Providers and other Permittees to view and edit DMRs for their NPDES permit. They also approve or deny requests from Regulatory Authorities to view DMRs that have not been signed and submitted (“partial DMRs”). 
Permittee A Permittee is a staff member at a permitted facility. Permittees can view, enter and upload DMRs into NetDMR, edit CORs, sign and submit DMRs, and approve requests from Data Provider staff and other Permittees for access to the facility’s permit(s). 
Regulatory Administrator A Regulatory Administrator is a Regulatory Authority staff member that approves or denies requests from Permittee users wanting to become a Signatory for a permit. 
Regulatory Authority (RA) A Regulatory Administrator is a Regulatory Authority staff member that approves or denies requests from Permittee users wanting to become a Signatory for a permit. 
RMAM Registration Maintenance Account Management. An acronym used in CDX - Regulatory Authorities (RA) can be given RMAM access to assist NetDMR users. Regional RAs have full RMAM access, while states have limited RMAM access.
RO Responsible Officials
Signatory A Signatory is a Permittee staff member that is authorized to sign and submit DMRs for a specific permit. Because NetDMR uses digital signatures, new Signatories must print off a Subscriber Agreement form generated by NetDMR, sign it and mail it to the Regulatory Authority listed within the Subscriber Agreement before he/she can sign and submit DMRs. 
URL Uniform Resource Locator

Extensible Markup Language 


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