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What is "Encountered Error 500"?

Encountered Error 500 has the following message:

"An unexpected error has occurred; please try your request again. If you continue to be directed to this page, please click the Contact NetDMR Support link at the top of this page and forward the details of the actions you performed to the email address provided."

If you receive this error, you may need to reset your password.  Please follow the directions below to reset your password:

Option 1:  Navigate to NetDMR, select your Instance then click on the “Forgot Password” hyperlink. NetDMR will ask you for your email address and an answer for one of your security questions, then ask you to reset your password if it finds your email address on file and you answered the security question correctly. If you do not answer your security question correctly three times in a row your account will be locked. 

Option 2: Contact your Regularity Authority to reset password for you.

For additional information regarding your NetDMR account password, please visit the Password Management support page.

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