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Training Schedules


New NetDMR Users – Comprehensive Training After the migration of NetDMR, new users will be required to register for accounts using CDX. While similar to our current NetDMR training, the training will be modified to include the new registration process and all aspects of the NetDMR program. This training will be conducted on a quarterly basis in 2017. For registration to any of the quarterly sessions, click here

  • Oct - Dec - Thu, November 16, 2017 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern

NeT and NetDMR Training for Region 4 – GEG Permit Offshore permittees in Region 4 will begin submitting their Notice of Intents, and Notice of Terminations into our NeT system. In addition, they will submit DMRs electronically using NetDMR. Pending issuance of permit Recommend conducting NeT first, and NetDMR training second. It would not be necessary to have a separate training for NetDMR for Region 4.

Maryland is conducting NetDMR training on the dates below:       

Please contact William Lee (, 410-537-3514, for registration.

Day Date
Wednesday June 14, 2017
Wednesday June 28, 2017
Wednesday July 12, 2017
Wednesday July 26, 2017
Wednesday August 9, 2017
Wednesday August 23, 2017
Wednesday September 6, 2017
Wednesday September 20, 2017
Wednesday October 4, 2017
Wednesday October 18, 2017
Wednesday November 1, 2017
Wednesday November 15, 2017
Wednesday November 29, 2017
Wednesday December 13, 2017


Oregon DEQ is planning an in-person NetDMR training on September 11, 2017 from 1:00 pm – 5:15 pm PST. 

People who are interested in attending please contact or  503-229-6400.

Thank you. 


11-Jan-18 1st RA training (TCEQ &R6) - End-to-End (TCEQ ->CDX->NetDMR)
18-Jan-18 2nd RA training (TCEQ &R6)- End-to-End (TCEQ ->CDX->NetDMR)
25-Jan-18 1st Permittee training   End-to-End
22-Feb-18 2nd Permittee training   End-to-End
8-Mar-18 3rd Permittee training   End-to-End
14-Mar-18 4th Permittee training   End-to-End
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