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User can't login to NetDMR. How can RA help?

There are few reasons why a user, permittee or data provider, is unable to access NetDMR:

  • User forgot his/her password
  • User did not change his/her password after 3 months
  • User entered wrong passwords too many times
  • Browser issue

The user should call their designated Regulatory Authority (Go to NetDMR Contacts) to reset their password.  If you are a Regulatory Authority, follow the steps below to ensure that the user is able to access NetDMR again:

  1. Call user first to confirm they need the password reset
  2. Edit user account within NetDMR
  3. Set the temporary SQA (case sensitive)
  4. Check the “Reset account password” box 
  5. Click Save
  6. Make sure the user received the NetDMR notification email with the link to reset their password
  7. Ask user to click the link (make sure the user is using Internet Explorer)
  8. Tell user the temporary SQA
  9. User should type a new password
  10. User should select 5 security questions (the same questions can be selected as were previously used)
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