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If changes are made to limits in ICIS, when will they be reflected in NetDMR?

If a Regulatory Authority (RA) updates permitted features, limit sets, or limit parameters, including reissuance of permits, in ICIS Production, the following day the RA should manually initiate an Empty Slot Data Flow (ESDF). The ESDF will update the permit limits in NetDMR.

How to request an Empty Slot Data Flow (ESDF):

  1. Select Network Activity under View menu

  2. Enter date range to submit a DMR refresh

  3. Check status under Network Activity

  4. Scroll down to View Exchange Network Activity



A Basic Permit Data Flow (BPDF) runs automatically every Saturday to update basic permit and facility information with ICIS data. Learn how to manually trigger a BPDF

ICIS Data Access will update ICIS Stage with ICIS Production data (permit info, limits, etc.), which will ultimately update data NetDMR Test.


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