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Unscheduled DMRs

Unscheduled DMR Screen

A new ‘Unscheduled DMR’ tab option (located between the Search and Import menu items) is now available to Permittee and Data Providers.  

The ‘Unscheduled DMR’ tab directs users to the Unscheduled DMR screen containing search fields to enter DMR key data for a new or existing Unscheduled DMR.  To search for unscheduled DMRs, please complete the following fields:

  • Permit ID
    • Drop-down list of permits user has access to edit
  • Permitted Feature ID
    • Drop-down list of all Permitted Features on the current version of the permit that have unscheduled Limit Sets for the entered Permit in ICIS, populated through ICIS Web Services
  • Limit Set Designator
    • Drop-down list of all Unscheduled Limit Set Designators for the current version of the selected Permit ID and Permitted Feature in ICIS, populated through ICIS Web Services
  • Monitoring Period End Date
    • Data entry field with calendar option


All four fields are required.  NetDMR will return an error message if the user clicks Submit without entering data in all four fields.

Note: NetDMR will determine whether a DMR is Scheduled or Unscheduled based on the presence or absence of DMR Due Date.  If a DMR has a DMR Due Date, it is Scheduled.  If it does not have a DMR Due Date, it is Unscheduled.

Error Message:

If the selected Permit ID has no unscheduled Limit Sets in Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS), then the following error message (see below) will be displayed when the user clicks the Update button next to the Permit ID field.



Users will also be able to import Unscheduled DMRs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

DMR/COR Search Results

A column added to the DMR/COR Search Results screen to indicate whether the DMR is Scheduled or Unscheduled. 


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