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NetDMR 5.0 Release Contents

NetDMR v5.0 Content

Installed: 4/6/2018



  • Import functionality was enhanced to make multiple attempts to refresh the DMR form data from ICIS before saving the imported data.  If the refresh is not successful, the Import will continue and a warning will be recorded in the Import log.
  • When an Import zip file is uploaded, NetDMR will check the files within the zip file to ensure that they are valid file types: .txt or .csv.
  • The Import DMR screen was enhanced to make errors easier to read.


Sign and Submit

  • Sign and Submit functionality was enhanced to refresh DMR form data from ICIS before completing the Sign and Submit.  If the NetDMR DMR form is found to be missing any values, the form will not be successfully signed. The user will be notified, via email, to fill in the missing DMR value(s) and sign again.
  • The connection to the ICIS database was improved. This improvement will allow the NetDMR DMR signing process to complete when the ICIS database is in restricted mode.


DMR Search

  • For permittees, the DMR/COR Search Results screen was updated to display DMR forms sorted by Permit ID and then by Monitoring Period End Date (newest to oldest).


Email Changes

  • NetDMR was enhanced to no longer send any emails to users that are “Inactive” or “Locked by Admin”.
  • The DMR submission email text was updated to provide clear direction on what the user needs to do to resolve issues that were encountered during the Sign and Submit process.


NetDMR 5.0.2. Release Contents

On Friday, April 6, 2018, the following issues will be addressed in NetDMR production.   

  1. Users whose accounts are inactive or locked by an administrator are receiving emails from NetDMR_Notification when they should be filtered out; and
  2. The appropriate users are not receiving emails after a signatory request has been approved.



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