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NetDMR 5.1 Release Content

NetDMRv5.1 Content

Installed: 04/18/2018


Sign and Submit

  • Functionality was added to prevent DMRs from becoming stuck during the Sign and Submit process.
  • The DMR signing process in CDX was updated to allow users up to three attempts to complete the DMR signing in CDX:
    • If a failure (or no response) is returned for the first attempt, then a second attempt is made. If a failure (or no response) is returned for the second attempt, then the third attempt is made. If a failure (or no response) is returned for the third attempt, then the job is marked as ‘Failed’ and the user has to re-sign.
  • If a DMR submission fails, permittees will receive the following sample email:

Subject: Action Required: Re-Sign and Submit the Following DMR(s) for: XXXXXXXXX

NetDMR has sent the following 1 DMR(s) to be signed.
An error occurred during the signing of the following DMR(s). As a result, your submission was not successfully submitted and a Copy of Record (COR) was not created for this transaction. 
Please login to NetDMR, select the following DMR(s), and follow the instructions below to re-sign and successfully submit the DMR(s) as soon as possible:
Permitted Facility Name:  yyyyyy


Permitted Feature: 001
Discharge: A - Test
Monitoring Period End Date: 03/31/18
Signing Status: FAILED
Attachments included in the COR: Yes


COR Search Results

  • For Internal users, the COR Search Result screen was updated to display COR information sorted by:
  1. Permit ID (Ascending, A-Z)
  2. Monitoring Period End Date (Descending, Newest – Oldest)
  3. Permitted Feature (Ascending, A-Z)
  4. Limit Set Designator (Ascending, A-Z) 

Clear Parameter Fields issue fixed

  • When the Clear Parameter Fields was used before on Updated NODI Form, the NODI codes were not saved on a multi-page DMR. Code was fixed and Clear Parameter Fields button can now be used without any issues.


Correct DMR: No Hard Error on Values when it was removed form Permit Limit

  • The DMR limit was updated to no longer have a value that was submitted (i.e. Q1, Q2, C1, C2, or C3) when users submitted DMRs. User attempt to Correct DMR, upon saving the DMR, received a hard error for a value that no longer exists on the DMR form.


  • Code was fixed to remove the hard error.
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