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How to switch NetDMR program service from EPA Region 06 to TCEQ

1)Log in to CDX at

2)On MyCDX, click Manage Your Program Services


3)Click on NDMR-R6 under your organization to expand.


4)Click Deactivate. A message will appear on the screen to confirm that you wish to deactivate. Click OK.




5)Click on the NDMR-R6 program to confirm that the role has been deactivated.


6)Next, add the TCEQ NetDMR program service (NDMR-TX) by clicking Add Program Service.

7)Search for NetDMR and click on NetDMR: Network Discharge Monitoring Report (36).


8)Search for TX and select NDMR:TX: NetDMR: TCEQ


9)Select your Role and click Request Role Access.

10)Select your current organization or request to add an organization, then click Submit Request for Access.

11)You should receive a green confirmation message. You can click on the NDMR-TX option to confirm that the role is added and active.


12)Click Back to MyCDX. The TCEQ NetDMR program service will be added to your account. Click on your role to access the program.

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