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How can I change NetDMR profile information (general information)?

To change NetDMR profile information, it must be from CDX profile, since CDX hosts all that information. Most information users can change themselves within CDX:

Users can update:

1. Organization name and address:

  • Log into CDX (
  • Go to the "My profile" tab.
  • Scroll down to Organization Information and click "Modify Organization Information."
  • Create a new organization by searching for the organization name.
    • If it is not found in the search results, click the link to request that we add your organization. Input required information and click "Submit Request for Access." You will receive an email to confirm the new organization.
  • You can make this your primary organization.
    • Note: In order to update the organization information within the NetDMR profile, you must deactivate the NetDMR program associated with the old organization and add it to the new organization.
  • Go to "Manage Your Program Services'
  • Click to expand the NetDMR program under the old organization and deactivate your role. 
  • Click "Add Program Service"
  • Find the NetDMR program, select your role, add it to the new organization and submit your request. If you are a Permittee (signature) you should be prompted to electronically sign a new ESA. 
  • When you enter NetDMR and go to "My Account" the organization info should be updated.


2. Email address: 
The email address is associated with the organization. Please, follow the steps at the following FAQ:


3. Phone number
The phone number is also associated with the organization. Follow the steps at the link above.  


4. Job Title:

  • Login to CDX (
  • Go to "Manage Your Program Services".
  • Expand the NetDMR program line and deactivate Permittee (signature) role and confirm. 
  • Expand the same NetDMR program line again and select "Request New Role."
  • Select Permittee (signature) and click "Add Requested Role." 
  • Enter new Job Title and click "Next." 
  • You should receive a green confirmation box at the top of the screen that role was successfully added.

To update the following information, users need to call the CDX Help Desk:

A. First and/or Last Name



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