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How can I change NetDMR profile information (general information):

To change NetDMR profile information, it has to be from CDX side, since CDX hosts all that information. However, there are some information users can change themselves within CDX:

Users can change:

1. The Organization address:

User would need to log into CDX, go to ‘My profile’ tab and then scroll down to organization and click on ‘modify organization information’ and create a new organization and make that primary organization. Please note that when a user creates a new organization, they must add the program service to that new organization and can deactivate the role associated with the old. After that, user can enter NetDMR and organization info should be updated.


2. The email address, since email addresses are associated with organization, user would need to follow the steps below


3. The phone numbers, follow the above steps (phone number is also associated under organization, so users would need to go to ‘modify organization information’


For information users need to call CDX helpdesk for:

A. First and Last Name


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