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NetDMR 6.0 Release Content

Role Requests


Facility Name was added to the “Request Access to Permits and Associated DMRs” screen and the “Confirm Access Requests to a Permit Associated DMRs” screen to ensure users are requesting access to the correct permits. 


Revoke Role


An Internal Administrator (IA) can revoke a user’s role.  Whenever an IA would revoke roles for a user who had many roles, the IA would encounter an error.  This defect has been corrected.


DMR Submission


When DMR data is sent to ICIS, it will now include an Electronic Submission Type Code of ES1 to indicate that the data came from NetDMR.

The wording of the NetDMR COR Submission Received email was updated to reflect the total number of DMRs that were received during the signing process.


Import DMRs


There was a defect that allowed users to create duplicate Import jobs by clicking on the ”Submit Import Job” button multiple times.  This has been corrected.

If an Import file contains codes that are not defined in the NODI Code reference table, the Import error count was not correct.  This defect has been corrected.

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