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How do I update my (5) Signatory Questions in CDX?

1. Access your CDX account at

2. Once you have accessed your CDX account, click on the My Profile tab.


3. Locate and click the “Modify Verification Methods” button in the Verification Methods box.


4.  In the Verification Methods section, click the Blue Edit link


5. Enter your CDX password in the open field and click “Send” button.


6. You will see a notice on the page indicating an “Authorization code sent for updating CROMERR Signature Questions”. 

7. Completing the above actions will invoke an email to be sent to your email account on record with an authorization code for use in resetting the questions. 

8.In your CDX account, click on your MyCDX tab at the top of the page.

9.On your MyCDX page, you will see an Alert on the right hand side of the page regarding your eSIG-Pin Signature Questions.


10. Click on the word “here” within the Alert message (It is a blue link).

11. This action will take you to another page where you will see a blank field.  You will now be required to access your email account and locate an email message from


12. Open the email where you will find a long code within the email.  Highlight and copy this code. 


13. You will then paste the authorization code from the email into the open field on the CDX account page.


14. Once you have completed this action, click the “Update” button. 

15.You will now be prompted to select 5 security questions and provide 5 answers. Note: The answers you enter are case, space and character sensitive within the system. To view the answers, mark the Show Answers checkbox.

16. Once you have completed the entries, click the “Save Answers” button. 

17. You will now be taken back to your MyCDX page.



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