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How do I reset my CDX password using SMS (mobile phone)?

1) Go to to reset password and click on "Forgot Password."

2) Type in your email associated with you CDX account and User ID.

3) Make sure to click on radio button confirming you are the owner of the User ID and click "Submit" to continue.

4) You will have two different options to select from to reset your password. To use the SMS functionality, click on the"Text Message" radio button. 

5) Upon clicking on the the drop-down list, you will see the mobile phone associated with your CDX account. 

6) Click on mobile phone number from drop-down list and click "Send Verification Code" to continue. 

7) You will receive a SMS text message from "US EPA CDX" on your mobile phone with a PIN code.

8) Enter code and click "Verify" to continue. 

9) Upon clicking on verify, you will receive an email from EPA CDX. 

10) Click on the hyperlink provided in the email to reset password.

11) Upon clicking on the link, you will be routed back to the CDX "Change System Password" page. 

12) Enter new password, re-enter same new password.

13) Click "Submit" to complete password reset process. 


 For instruction on how to add your mobile phone to your CDX account, click on the link below: 



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