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Switching to NetDMR- Questions and Answers

  •  Are automated emails for late submission to permittee only? 
    • Signatory, Regulatory Administrator and user with Edit role will receive the Notice of Non-Receipt Overdue DMR email notification.
  • Any other automated emails available (i.e., violations, new facility user, requested access)?  And/Or do they plan to add additional automated emails in the future?
    • There are several automated emails but not for violations. 
    • Violations are evaluated and created in ICIS not in NetDMR. 
  • What if we require users to upload supplemental forms like Daily Effluent Monitoring (raw sample data for the month).   Can excel documents be uploaded as attachments?  Also, how does state staff view attachments to DMRs in ICIS? Is there an easy way to pull back several attachments?
    • Yes, adding Attachment(s) functionality is available in the NetDMR. 
      • Note: NetDMR will not allow upload of files greater than 20 megabytes or files with the following file types:  com, dll, exe, and vbs.
    • Attachment(s) won’t go to ICIS.  There is a way to download the attachment in the NetDMR.
  • Our state does not use NetDMR, how do we create a NetDMR  instance for our state? What is the estimated turnaround from start of process to actually using it?
    • A new instance (i.e. State) must first complete the Activation Form (see attachment below titled NetDMR Instance Activation Form)
    • After form is received, then the state instance will be created in coordination with CDX to create a new Program Service for your state. 
    • It takes about a week to set up a new instance.
  • Is there any way to transfer our current users and their securities to NetDMR or would they have to do all of that themselves.  We have several thousand facilities and tens of thousands of users.
    • They all need to create an account in CDX and request access role to their permits.  
  • We have some novel types of DMRs.  For example, monthly required sampling but that sampling is reported on a quarterly basis.  Can NetDMR accommodate such exceptions?
    • If the permit, limit and limit set are coded correctly in ICIS, the exact expected DMRs will be in the NetDMR.  NetDMR will pull all the expected DMRs from ICIS.
  • Can we limit the NODI codes that permittees can use?  For instance, we wouldn’t want them to be able to use R but we do.
    • Currently, the NODI codes cannot be customized per instance.
  •  Is there a preferred browser, or can we have broader access with other browsers?
    • EPA uses Chrome, but it will work with IE too.
  • Is there anything that outlines exactly what we can and can’t customize on the DMRs?
    • Attached the Activation form is needed to create an instance.  Only instance name, graphic and contact name and Subscriber Agreement mailing address are customized fields.  You can’t customize the DMRs in the NetDMR. 
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