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How to Search the DMR with DMR Due Date?

NOTE: Our developers currently recommend using the web browsers Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to mitigate any unforeseen functionality issues.

DMR Search

From the All DMR’s and Copies of Record (CORs), pick your Permit ID number from the drop down.  The Monitoring Period End Date (MPED) Range and DMR Due Date have Radio buttons. Then select either the MPED range or DMR Due Date, or no dates at all. If data are entered for one option, and then the user selects the other radio button, the data for the first option should be blanked out.


When MPED Range button selected, then user should add the start and end date of monitoring.

For example:  User wants to see all the DMRs started from  01/01/2021 and ended at 12/31/2021.


When DMR Due Date button selected, then user can select Month and Year.

For example: User wants to see all the DMRs due in January of 2021.


Please notice the MPED Range is gray out since DMR Due Date button was selected.


NOTE: Only DMRs and CORs for which the monitoring period has begun will be returned. Future DMR forms are not displayed. Only a maximum of 200 DMRs are returned.


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